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Data Quality Study

Objective: The purpose of this study is to assess the data quality using Achilles (especially to test new added rules and to establish data density thresholds for some of the rules.

Rationale: Data quality is an important assumption for conducting valid studies.

Project Leads: Vojtech Huser

Coordinating Institution(s): NIH (IRP)

Additional Participants: (currently seeking additional collaborators)

Full Protocol:

Initial Proposal Date: May 2016

Launch Date: Sep 20, 2016

Study Closure Date: TBD

Results Submission: Email or using OHDSI bucket (keys provided by email by the PI)



Database Dialect: any supported by OHDSI

Software: R



Sample Output

Datasets run

  • IMEDS Lab (June 2016) CCAE, MDCR, MDCD, (GE - partially (it is v4))
  • Regenstrief
  • Ausom
  • Stanford
  • J&J
  • PEDSnet
  • expressed interest /working on executing the package : Columbia U, Merck

The current count of datasets included is 10 (as of Oct 28, 2016)

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