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Process for adopting CDM/Vocabulary changes

Discussing proposals

Proposals are discussed either:

  1. during the workgroup meetings

Submitting proposals

Proposals were previously submitted at the CDM and Vocabulary Development. From 7/11/2017 forward they are submitted as issues on the CDM github

Every proposal needs:

  • An owner
  • Details
  • Use cases, analytical questions
  • Exploration of the state of the field, other implementations-
  • Importance, also with respect to other projects
  • Consequences of doing it and not doing it including technical (e.g. implications on vocab, existing software), resources

Github issues are written in a form of markdown different from this wiki so please use this template as a guide.

Vetting proposals

Proposals are vetted by a group of experts.

If not ready it is returned back to discussion.

Results of vetting:

  • Impact
  • Priority/Need or not needed
  • Alternative solution
  • Whether it is a Minor or Major release, or Experimental to be reassessed

Accepting proposals

Implementation and release

  • The change should be accompanied by documentation and conventions including use cases
  • The change should be demonstrated to the community
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