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Expand Drug Strength tables to all Standard Concepts in the Drug Domain

  • Requester: Christian Reich
  • Discussion: Not yet
  • Proposals are now being stored as github issues: Link to issue


Currently, only Clinical and Branded Drugs have a record in the DRUG_STRENGTH table. However, since all Standard Concepts are allowed to be used in the data and therefore dosing information is required for them, the algorithm should parse all Concept Classes:

  • Clinical Drug, Branded Drug
  • Clinical Drug Components, Branded Drug Component
  • Quantified Clinical Drug and Quantified Branded Drug

Not sure yet what to do with the Packs. Also, not sure what to do with Ingredients and Drug Forms, which have no dose information, but a standard unit for measuring is needed for the use case of calculating dose information from quantity field in DRUG_EXPOSURE. This will be handled in a different request.

To add the components is very straightforward. However, to add the Quantified products, a new field is necessary: denominator_value. The reason is the dose of compound of divisible products such as solutions and gels in Clinical or Branded Drugs is given as as normalized concentration, where the denominator is assumed as a unit of 1. E.g., the product “Thiopental 20 MG/ML Prefilled Syringe” comes in 20 mL syringes. The equivalent DRUG_STRENGTH table entry should specify 400 mg Thiopental in 20 mL of solution.

denominator_valueNofloatThe amount of total liquid (or other divisible product, such as ointment, gel, spray, etc.).

Use Cases

The DRUG_STRENGTH table is used to calculate the dose of a certain compound and fill the dose table.

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