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Meeting Notes June 11, 2019


  • The group reviewed the following presentation:


  • The group discussed SQL showing how to map ICDO Site/Histology combinations to pre-coordinated Condition concepts.
  • The group discussed SQL showing how to find all Site/Histology combinations containing a particular ICDO site or histology.
  • It was announced that ICDO is currently already implemented within Athena and folks should try mapping their ICDO data.
  • The group discussed the plan to adopt NAACCR as OMOPS's standard vocabulary of cancer diagnosis modifiers and the plant to transition NAACCR from a standard vocabulary to source vocabulary by mapping NAACCR to the Nebraska Lexicon.
  • Concern was expressed regarding the timeline for when the Nebraska Lexicon would be completed.
  • There was consensus in the group that the OMOP community needs to standardize the representation of cancer diagnosis modifiers. Some members of the group might take a swipe at recommending cancer diagnosis modifiers ahead of the Nebraska Lexicon completion date.
  • It was announced that the drug regimen ontology has been released within Athena.
  • The group discussed the current state of the vocabulary. Regimens and regimen components mapped to RxNorm ingredients. Plus a better drug oncology classification system.
  • The group asked about the future possibility of including regimen dosing, cycles and indications. Dmytry informed the group that these items would be part of future releases.
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