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All ATLAS documentation has moved to GitHub. Please disregard the content below as it is legacy and kept for posterity.

Data Sources (LEGACY)

Atlas now provides the ability to review descriptive statistics about an OMOP CDM. This functionality was originally built by as part of the Achilles working group.

Prerequisite Setup

You must install Achilles in order to use this feature in Atlas. See the installation and support for more details.

In Atlas, select the Data Sources menu item. Next select a data source to use for exploring the database characterization reports:

Next, use the second drop down to explore reports for the selected data source: Certain reports provide a treemap/table view with a capability to drilldown into details for a concept. For example, the condition report provides the treemap view as a default: Use the tabs to select the 'table' option to view a tabular display of the concepts represented in the treemap: You can filter the results shown above by using the 'Search:' in the upper-right hand corner of the table display. Once you have a concept of interest, you can drill down by clicking on the row in the table (or a cell in the treemap) to reveal further details:

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