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Cohort Definition Workgroup (Circe)

Objective: The objective of this workgroup (WG) is to implement an open-source, web-based application that provides a consistent UI allowing user-defined population criteria that can be shared across a network of Common Data Model databases. This application has 3 main components: a criteria syntax, a UI for gathering user input, and a translation layer which converts the criteria syntax into the CDM-specific queries.

The target CDM version is CDM5, with a planned release in early 2015.

Project Lead: Christopher Knoll

Start Date: 6/10/2014



Schedule: Every other Thursday starting from December 11th, 2014

Call in Number: 1-877-565-9999 (US)

Attendee access code: 536 106 50

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Development Status (as of 12/11/2014)

Currently have as working mock-up that is being evaluated for functional requirement gaps.

Once the requirements analysis is complete, a final implementation will be built. This final implementation will have a fully-defined criteria syntax, which will lead us to the final objective: translating the criteria expression into SQL.

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