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OHDSI Development


The OHDSI developer community is committed to the development of open-source, high-quality, and easy to use tools for making the most out of observational health data.

  • OHDSI-In-A-Box: a virtual machine loaded with the entire OHDSI Stack for educational use
  • Architecture Overview: visual overview of the major components of the OHDSI technology stack
  • Data Architecture: describes conventions of storing and processing data within the OHDSI architecture
  • Security: describes the security layer used in the OHDSI applications (Shiro)
  • Developer Guidelines: discusses approaches to software development adopted by the OHDSI community
  • Architecture Roadmap: lays out the evolution of the architecture over time


OHDSI Methodology developers comprise experts in the fields of epidemiology, biostatistics, computer science, and clinical research who are committed to creating and validating high-quality methods for observational data research.

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