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Video tutorials

Here you'll find video tutorials created by the OHDSI community. Discussions about these videos, including ideas for new ones can take place in the forums.

CDM and Vocabulary

Common Data Model and Extract, Transform & Load Tutorial (3:27:22). This video describes the CDM and its integration with the Vocabulary, and provides tips and tools for extracting, transforming, and loading your data into the CDM.

Vocabulary (2:45:34). These three videos describe the Vocabulary, and how it can be explored in ATLAS.


ATLAS tutorials. Updated May 2019, this YouTube playlist provides numerous brief video tutorials on the latest version of the ATLAS platform. It is also accessible on the OHDSI web site.

Introduction to ATLAS (0:01:45). This 2016 video highlights some of the key features of ATLAS.

Cohort definition and phenotyping tutorial (3:15:28). This video introduces the concepts of cohort definition and phenotyping, demonstrates the cohort definition tool in ATLAS, and describes more advanced approaches to phenotyping.

OHDSI R packages

Installing software needed to run the R packages (0:06:10). This video shows how to install the software needed to run the OHDSI R packages: R, RTools, R-Studio and Java.

Installing OHDSI R packages (0:05:09). This video shows how to install the OHDSI packages in R using CRAN, drat, or install_github.

Estimation methods (6:03:50). These five videos explain the concept of (population-level) effect estimation, and describe how the OHDSI tools can be used to design and execute an effect estimation study using a new-user cohort design using propensity score matching.

PatientLevelPrediction package (0:42:02). This video demonstrates how to use the PatientLevelPrediction R package.

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