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Agenda Items

* Updates on genomic data model (David Fasel)

  • did not attend

* Updates on DAF framework (Daniella Meeker)

  • Working on two manuscripts related to the DAF framework and will probably seek the feedback from the FHIR group

* Updates on FDA CDM Harmonization Project (Mitra Rocca)

  • making progress

* Updates on FHIR on OMOP (Myung Choi/Richard Starr)

  • attracting more attentions based on the presentations in the OHDSI symposium and AMIA

* Updates on FHIR-Ontop-OHDSI (Guoqian Jiang)

  • a semantic web framework to expose the OHDSI CDM data in virtual RDF with FHIR

* Discussion on standardized mappings

* Other items (Please add)

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