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Project Lead: Patrick Ryan

Start Date: 6/10/2014


Cool stuff we can do in the Wiki

We can pull in any piece of code from GitHub

#'                                  Default is cdmDatabaseSchema. On SQL Server, this should specifiy
#'                                  both the database and the schema, so for example 'results.dbo'.
#' @param tempEmulationSchema       Formerly oracleTempSchema.  For databases like Oracle where you
#'                                  must specify the name of the database schema where you want all
#'                                  temporary tables to be managed. Requires create/insert permissions
#'                                  to this database.
#' @param sourceName                String name of the data source name. If blank, CDM_SOURCE table
#'                                  will be queried to try to obtain this.
#' @param analysisIds               (OPTIONAL) A vector containing the set of Achilles analysisIds for
#'                                  which results will be generated. If not specified, all analyses
#'                                  will be executed. Use \code{\link{getAnalysisDetails}} to get a

GitHub Issues

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