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OHDSI Collaborator Community


Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI, pronounced “Odyssey”) is an international community of stakeholders committed to bringing out the value of health data through large-scale analytics. OHDSI's mission is to transform medical decision making by creating reliable scientific evidence about disease natural history, healthcare delivery, and the effects of medical interventions through large-scale analysis of observational health databases for population-level estimation and patient-level predictions. OHDSI Collaborators have agreed to advance this mission by contributing their time, funding or data to collaborative activities in methodological research, open-source software development, and clinical applications across the OHDSI data network.

The OHDSI Collaborator Team Meeting is a venue for collaborators to engage with each other in pursuit of OHDSI's mission. All OHDSI Collaborators are welcome to participate in this weekly teleconference/webinar, and encouraged to propose topics for community discussion. OHDSI Collaborator Team Meeting can be a forum to share research findings, present and seek feedback for active works-in-progress, demonstrate open-source software tools under development, debate community best practices for data modeling and analytics, and brainstorm future collaborative opportunities for grants/publications/conference workshops. If you are a Collaborator with a topic for an upcoming OHDSI Collaborator meeting, please post your thoughts on the OHDSI Forums.

Members: Collaborators


Zoom Meeting URL:


Minutes: OHDSI Collaborator Team Meeting Minutes

Weekly Community Meeting TC/Webex Recordings: 7Jul2020 30Jun2020 23Jun2020 16Jun2020 9Jun2020 26May2020 19May2020 12May2020 7May2020 28Apr2020 21Apr2020 14Apr2020 24Mar2020 10Mar2020 25Feb2020 18Feb2020 11Feb2020 4Feb2020 28Jan2020 21Jan2020 14Jan2020 17Dec2019 3Dec2019 26Nov2019 12Nov2019 29Oct2019 22Oct2019 15Oct2019 8Oct2019 10Sept2019 27Aug2019 20Aug2019 13Aug2019 6Aug2019 30Jul2019 16Jul2019 9Jul2019 27Jun2019 18Jun2019 11Jun2019 28May2019 21May2019 14May2019 7May2019 23Apr2019 16Apr2019 9Apr2019 2Apr2019 26Mar2019 12Mar2019 5Mar2019 19Feb2019 12Feb2019 5Feb2019 29Jan2019 22Jan2019 15Jan2019 8Jan2019 18Dec2018 11Dec2018 4Dec2018 27Nov2018 20Nov2018 13Nov2018 30Oct2018 16Oct2018 2Oct2018 18Sept2018 11Sept2018 21Aug2018 14Aug2018 7Aug2018 24Jul2018 10Jul2018 26Jun2018 19Jun2018 12Jun2018 5Jun2018 15May2018 8May2018 24Apr2018 17Apr2018 10Apr2018 3Apr2018 27Mar2018 13Mar2018 6Mar2018 27Feb2018 20Feb2018 13Feb2018 6Feb2018 23Jan2018 16Jan2018 8Jan2018 12Dec2017 5Dec2017 21Nov2017 14Nov2017 31Oct2017 24Oct2017 10Oct2017 3Oct2017 26Sept2017 19Sept2017 12Sept2017 5Sept2017 29Aug2017 15Aug2017 8Aug2017 1Aug2017 25July2017 11July2017 27June2017 20June2017 30May2017 23May2017 16May2017 9May2017 2May2017 10Apr2017 4Apr2017 28Mar2017 21Mar2017 14Mar2017 7Mar2017 21Feb2017 14Feb2017 7Feb2017 31Jan2017 24Jan2017 17Jan2017 10Jan2017 20Dec2016 13Dec2016 6Dec2016 29Nov2016 22Nov2016 15Nov2016 1Nov2016 25Oct2016 18Oct2016 4Oct2016 27Sept2016 20Sept2016 13Sept2016 6Sept2016 23Aug2016 16Aug2016 9Aug2016 26Jul2016 12Jul2016 5Jul2016 21Jun2016 14Jun2016 7Jun2016 24May2016 17May2016 10May2016 3May2016 26Apr2016 19Apr2016 12Apr2016 5Apr2016 29Mar2016 15Mar2016 1Mar2016 23Feb2016 16Feb2016 9Feb2016 2Feb2016 19Jan2016 12Jan2016 15Dec2015 8Dec2015 1Dec2015 24Nov2015 10Nov2015 13Oct2015 29Sept2015 22Sept2015 15Sept2015 1Sept2015 25Aug2015 18Aug2015 11Aug2015 4Aug2015 28July2015 21July2015 7July2015 30June2015 23June2015 16June2015 9June2015 19May2015 12May2015 5May2015 28Apr2015 21Apr2015 7Apr2015 31Mar2015 17Mar2015 10Mar2015 3Mar2015 10Feb2015 3Feb2015 27Jan2015 13Jan2015 6Jan2015

OHDSI F2F at Stanford, 23-24Mar2015:

OHDSI Overview and update, CDM/Vocab brainstorm OHDSI Methods library review and architecture Network study brainstorm

Meetings (Telecon Info)

Schedule- Every Tuesday, 12pm-1pm Eastern Time

To join the online meeting

Zoom Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 945 377 669
Meeting password: ohdsi


Join the teleconference only

 One tap mobile
 +16465588656,945377669# US (New York)
 +13126266799,945377669# US (Chicago)
 Dial by your location
 +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
 +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
 +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
 +1 253 215 8782 US
 +1 301 715 8592 US
 +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
 Meeting ID: 945 377 669
 Find your local number:

Upcoming Meeting Topics

Date Topic
July 7th Transition Database for a harmonized mapping of German patient data to the OMOP CDM
July 14th Looking for presenters
July 21st Leveraging the OHDSI vocabulary to characterize the COVID-19 epidemic using Twitter data and NLP
July 28th Looking for presenters
August 4th Looking for presenters
August 11th Results of the ALCAPONE project: Identification of the best design for the assessment of drugs associated with upper gastrointestinal bleeding in the French National Healthcare System database (SNDS)
August 18th Antibiotics treatment pathways and prescribing preferences in treating patients with clinically suspected hospital-acquired pneumonia using cohort pathway applications
August 25th Looking for presenters
September 1st OMOP2OBO: Semantic Integration of Standardized Clinical Terminologies to Power Translational Digital Medicine

If you would like to share your work at an upcoming community meeting please contact Maura Beaton at for more information

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