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Atlas & WebAPI Working Group


Atlas and WebAPI are part of the OHDSI open-source software architecture that aim to provide standardized analytic capabilities built on the foundation of the OMOP Common Data Model. This work group will provide a forum for the community of developers interested in advancing these open-source solutions. The work group's calls will focus on:

  1. Raising awareness and planning of development activities around Atlas/WebAPI.
  2. Provide guidance to those that wish to contribute to these tools.

Meeting minutes will be stored via Google Docs. Detailed discussions are tracked and documented via GitHub: Atlas Issues | WebAPI Issues


Java & JavaScript software developers aiming to improve and contribute to the open-source Atlas/WebAPI platform.


Continued improvement of Atlas/WebAPI open source solutions for generating reliable evidence from observational data stored in the OMOP Common Data Model.

Project Leads: Anthony Sena

Project Manager: Anthony Sena



Working group currently paused; activity is handled via GitHub issues/discussions.

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