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Clinical Trial WG

Objective: Understand clinical trial use cases where the OHDSI platform & ecosystem can aid trials in any aspect, and assist in driving updates in OHDSI tools to support. This might be to represent data from interventional trial or observational study in OMOP CDM, might include enabling feasibility analysis, might include trial data collection, supporting biostatistics, or delivering real-world evidence to help trialists, or other.

Project Lead: Sonia Araujo, IQvIA (ping on OHDSI forum or


  • Andrew Williams, PhD, Tufts
  • Greg Klebanov, MS, Odysseus
  • Rupa Makadia, PhD, Janssen
  • Vojtech Huser, PhD, NIH
  • Chris Roeder, MS, Colorado
  • Thomas Falconer, MS, Columbia
  • Josh Ransom, PhD, Medidata
  • Ryan Li, Columbia
  • Ana Heredia, GMV
  • Ayesha Kang, Deloitte
  • Kees van Bochove, MS, The Hyve
  • Maxim Moinat, MS, The Hyve
  • Sonia Araujo, PhD, IQVIA
  • Jill Hardin, PhD, Janssen
  • Shawn Dolley, MBA consultant to Gates Foundation

Start Date: 2019 (this started as 'Clinical Study' working group in 2016 and was dormant)



Latest meeting recordings:

Logs of past meetings:

Old/ Archive

Schedule: First & Third Friday of every month (intended).

Next Meeting: (Date and Time): Mar 15, 2019 at 10am Eastern Time US

Call in Number: Sonia to post

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