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Lead: Andrew Williams

Github repo:

Larger group: (email Andrew to be added to the calendar invite)

  • Clair Blacketer
  • Ajit Lodhe
  • Vojtech Huser

Subgroup - Data Quality Dashboard (meets Fri 3pm) (email Clair at to be added to the calendar invite)

forum thread: notes:

  • Clair Blacketer
  • Vojtech Huser
  • Ajit Londhe
  • Frank DeFalco
  • Andrew Williams
  • David Blatt
  • Hanieh Razzaghi

Meeting Tasks from 12/6/2019:

  • Vojtech to take a crack at writing a piece of code to identify the 97th and 3rd percentiles for measurement values to try to systematize the biologically plausible values currently used
  • Vojtech to write code to create a rule that identifies unit confusion
    • i.e. how many weight records do not have the unit kg?
  • Clair to create at least two numbering schemas for numbering the rules
  • Clair and David to work on documentation for user guide and developer documentation
  • Clair to start adding age-specific rules

For information on the Data Quality efforts going on in OHDSI, please refer to this post:

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