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OHDSI Phenotype and Knowledge Library


OHDSI seeks to create a validated content library to enable reproducible research. The library touches on the activities of many working groups, including APHRODITE, CIRCE, ATLAS / HERMES, LAERTES, PENELOPE, and the PheKB definition effort. In addition to these activities, the Library has its own standalone requirements. This project page is designed to faciliate defining the requirements of the OHDSI library.

Library Requirements

Content Types

  • Concept Sets (e.g., concept codes meaning Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL))
  • Clinical Facts (e.g., Elevated Cholesterol (e.g. [LDL Concepts] > 130 OR [Total Chol Concepts] > 200)
  • Phenotypes (e.g., Patients with Hyperlipidemia)

Note that Clinical Components are not currently implemented in OHDSI so would require development effort.

Metadata for each element in the library

  • Name
  • Description
  • Author(s)
  • Date Created
  • Syntax
  • Performance characteristics
    • Dataset or Institution
    • Evaluation date
    • Sensitivity
    • PPV
    • Comments
  • Suggested Citation
  • Studies in Which Used (this may be replaced by the study asset relationship recently proposed)
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