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Vocab Viz Working Group

January 31, 2017, first meeting

Attendees: Peter, Lisa, Anthony, Mark, Gowtham, Kristin, Walter, Melanie, Christian, Patrick, Hugh, Greg, Devang


  • Introductions
    • Peter from Erasmus, for design defining cohorts, also for ETL/mapping of new Netherlands vocabularies, needing broader overview as user
    • Hugh, was at Bristol Meyers Squib, would like to help – we'll see how
    • Kristin from Deloitte (and Walter), specialize in Life Sciences and using CDMs, spend time in vocabs help people work through taxonomies. Here as users and coders/etc. Seeing many use cases. Want to support making vocabs more usable. Wants to help curate and look at usability in visualization. Deloitte can get current tool running locally.
    • Christian
    • Lisa at University of Colorado
    • Gowtham at Blue Cross/Blue Shield
    • Greg, Odysseus, mapping vocabs and working on Athena
    • Mark, Outcome Insights, Jigsaw tool relies on CDM
    • Melanie – wants to see better visualization of relationships and lack thereof, and help with concept
    • Devang, Cognizant – want to address how source vocabularies fail to map to OMOP vocabs?
  • Quick demo
  • Review notes
  • Aims of group
  • People describe roles they'd like to play. My initial ideas:
    • Leaders:
      • Clair
      • Sigfried
    • Subject matter experts:
      • Christian
      • Frank
      • Anthony
      • Patrick
    • Target users:
      • Melanie
      • Peter
      • Lisa
      • Gowtham
      • Mark H
      • Devang
    • Coders:
      • Sigfried
      • ???
      • Greg, Odysseus – run locally?
      • Mark
      • Devang
    • Design and use case curation:
      • Deloitte
      • Hugh
    • Usability:
      • Deloitte (Kristin, Walter, etc.), will get running locally
    • Kibitzers:
      • (everyone welcome)
    • Documentation
      • Lisa, maybe Melanie, start wiki or documentation

February 28, 2017, first meeting

Attendees: Ed Acker, Frank, Melanie, Devang, Clair, Gowtham,


  • Volunteer to take minutes?
  • Update from Sigfried
  • Use case from Melanie
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