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Meeting Notes

* Daniella will follow up with Christian in the CDM and Vocabulary WG on the FHIR Value Sets

* According to the discussion in today?s meeting, we agreed to continue to review mappings recorded in the following google spreadsheet in a 2-hour session in January 10, 2018..

We took a look at the maturity level of the STU3 resources to try and prioritize the mapping order. Even though argonaut hasn’t, and may not, moved to STU3, it is still a good indicator of “importance” for implementing FHIR resources.

Argonaut | STU3 maturity level :

Patient | 5 Observation | 5 Condition. | 3 Medications ( Medication, MedicationStatement, MedicationOrder [ changed to MedicationRequest in STU3 ] ) | 3, 3, 3 AllergyIntolerance ** | 3 DiagnosticReport | 3 Procedure. | 3 CarePlan | 2 Device | 2 Goal | 2

Maybe this could serve as a priority list for our discussion today?

Richard Starr

Meeting Agenda

his is reminder that we will have the FHIR WG meeting next week. As we discussed last time, we will schedule a two-hour session to review available mappings from different groups.

Here are a number of available mappings in different formats: (From Daniella Meeker) (From Georgia Tech) (From Mayo Clinic)

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