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Psychiatry Working Group

Group Objectives

  • Data harmonization in psychiatry and neurology: address challenges associated with harmonizing data across various domains within psychiatry to ensure consistency and accuracy in data representation.
  • Vocabulary understanding and refinement: improve understanding of the OMOP Vocabularies and effectively modify vocabulary content, facilitating better data interoperability and analysis.
  • OMOP model adoption and expansion: facilitate the transition of existing psychiatric data into the OMOP model, guaranteeing structured and standardized data for optimal utility within the framework.
  • Learning and collaboration: foster a community of practice where members can share experiences, learn from each other, and collaborate on projects to advance the field.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Expansion of clinical vocabulary: enhancing the clinical vocabulary related to neurology and psychiatry, including scores, scales, questionnaires, and ontologies, to accurately classify instruments based on their diagnostic use.
  • Landscape analysis: performing a comprehensive analysis of data currently available in the OMOP format, aiming to identify gaps and opportunities for further research and application.
  • Comparative studies: conducting studies to compare different treatment modalities as part of broader efforts to characterize psychiatry-specific datasets.
  • Community contribution: encouraging and integrating insights and inputs from the broader psychiatric and medical community to enrich the OMOP model's vocabulary and datasets.


  • Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists
  • Medical Researchers
  • Health Data Scientists
  • Pharmacologists and Psychopharmacologists
  • Healthcare Policy Makers
  • Educators and Students in Psychiatry and Mental Health Fields
  • Digital Health Technology Developers

However, we warmly invite all individuals passionate about enhancing the OMOP CDM and Standardized Vocabularies with a focus on neurology and psychiatry, aiming to address a broad spectrum of needs and use cases.


Our monthly Working Group meetings take place on the first Wednesday of each month. You can find the link to join us below.

OHDSI Psychiatry WG Meeting Series 9AM UCT-4 (EDT)

Project Leads and Group Members


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