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Please find the slides from the meeting below:


Please find the recording of the meeting below:

Action items updates:

  1. Mapping of Note Types to LOINC/standard vocabulary – Karthik Natarajan, Ruth Reeves, Jon Duke and Hua Xu will work together on this. Updates – Jon Duke demo’ed their Report type mapper that allows for tagging of documents into different categories based on LOINC (currently). There was discussion that LOINC was insufficient for mapping of all note types. Report type mapper also has an API available for programmatic calls. Jon will send a note for a meeting to initiate a discussion about the Report type mapper before next month’s meeting. Please see the recording for details.
  2. Landscape Analysis of section identifier systems and proposal of a standard terminology for use – led by Hua Xu with help from Karthik Natarajan. Updates – No updates yet
  3. Mapping of CUIs to standard terminology – led by Juan Banda. Updates – the latest update of UMLS was on Dec. 26th and Juan is currently mapping to the latest vocabularies. He will send out the links to this mapping in about 2 weeks to the group for trying it out. He will also provide slides that explain the process too.
  4. Rules for defining term_exists – start with George Hripsack’s definitions and define standard for each system – led by Stephane Meystre. Updates – No updates yet
  5. Examples and rules for term_temporal – led by George Hripsack (Sunny). Updates – No updates yet; George and Sunny will discuss next week to initiate the work.
  6. Standardization of term_modifiers and values – led by Hua Xu. Updates – presentation by Jingqi Wang (from Hua’s team) (please see the slides and recording on the NLP-WG wiki). One of the suggestions was to align the modifiers with the OMOP vocabulary used in the various tables.
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