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Women of OHDSI

Objective: OHDSI's mission is to improve health by empowering a community to collaboratively generate the evidence that promotes better health decisions and better care. As a community, we strive promote openness and inclusivity by creating an environment where all voice are heard.

The Women of OHDSI group aims to provide a forum for women within the OHDSI community to come together and discuss challenges they face as women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We aim to facilitate discussions where women can share their perspectives, raise concerns, propose ideas on how the OHDSI community can support women in STEM, and ultimately inspire women to become leaders within the community and their respective fields.

The Women of OHDSI group will meet once a month via webex. The focus of each meeting will vary, but meetings will primarily consist of group discussions focused on challenges women in STEM face and presentations from female role models who will be invited to share their experiences with the group.

To promote openness and ensure the perspectives of all women in OHDSI are represented, collaborators are encouraged to nominate speakers and propose discussion topics for future meetings.

Project Lead: Maura Beaton


  • Clair Blacketer
  • Evanette Burrows
  • Noemie Elhadad
  • Melissa Crenshaw
  • Anupama Gururaj
  • Jill Hardin
  • Laura Hester
  • Xinzhuo (Zoey) Jiang
  • Shinyoung Ju
  • Kristin Kostka
  • Rupa Makadia
  • Melanie Philofsky
  • Hanieh Razzaghi
  • Jenna Reps
  • Paola Saroufim
  • Sarah Seager
  • Erica Voss
  • Mui Van Zandt
  • Chunhua Weng
  • Anna Ostropolets

If you would like to join the Women of OHDSI working group, please email Maura Beaton at to let her know.

Start Date: February 2019


Schedule: Monthly (Third Tuesday of each month)

Next Meeting: July 21st

Via Zoom: Password: woo

Meeting ID: 921 2158 9615


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