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CDM & THEMIS Working Group


  1. 2019/2020 Guiding Objective: To develop the user guidance and ETL convention documentation of the OMOP CDM to promote increased adoption and understanding of the model.
  2. To continue to develop the OMOP Common Data Model for the purpose of systematic, standardized and large-scale analytics applied to clinical patient data.
  3. To improve the quality of the Standardized Vocabularies by increasing their coverage of international coding systems and clinical aspects of patient care in order to support the standardized analytics developed by other working groups.


Everybody who has an interest in the improvement of the OMOP Common Data Model and Standardized Vocabularies to meet all needs and use cases. Meeting information is below.

Project Leads: Christian Reich, Rimma Belenkaya, Patrick Ryan

Project Managers: Clair Blacketer, Meghan Pettine

Workgroup members


The CDM WG meetings are now taking place in the OHDSI Teams Tenet. If you do not have access please contact Clair Blacketer.

Every first Tuesday at 1pm EST (after the OHDSI meeting) Teams

Google drive for CDM & THEMIS effort

Running Meeting Agenda
Current OMOP Common Data Model
CDM Documentation
CDM Proposals
Running agenda and notes (forum post)
Process for adopting CDM and Vocabulary changes

Related Workgroups


Each month through the end of 2019 and into 2020 the group will focus on one table to clarify the documentation and specify all ETL rules suggested for collaborators to follow. These rules will then be translated to data quality checks and added to the Data Quality Dashboard where appropriate.

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