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2017 OHDSI Symposium Posters

Anyone who presented a poster at the 2017 OHDSI Symposium is welcome and encouraged to share their full poster here. For more information about how to upload your poster, instructions are available on the OHDSI Library main page. If you have any questions, please contact Maura Beaton at

A full list of posters presented at the 2017 OHDSI Symposium is available here.

Please note that while all presenters are welcome to share their posters, uploading your poster is not required.


Cao, Aize - quality_assurance_of_demographics_consistency_between_veterans_affairs_and_medicare_data_update.pdf

van Mulligen, Erik - Annotating Dutch free-text patient records with OHDSI standard vocabulary concepts

Rijnbeek, Peter - Do we really need ‘Big Data” for patient-level predictive modelling?

Levine, Matthew; Hripcsak, George - Terminology information loss and gain: mapping ICD9CM to OMOP with eMERGE case study

Rost, Melissa - Implementing Real-Time Patient Level Predictions Using PLP Models

Hajagos, Janos - Mapping Common Data Model data tables to an HDF5 file for reproducible machine learning workflows

Abedtash, Hamed - Assessing Mapping Performance from HL7 Continuity of Care Documents to the OMOP CDM

Schuemie, Martijn - A benchmark for population-level estimation methods

Schuemie, Martijn - Empirical evaluation of the OHDSI Methods Library

Londhe, Ajit - The Impact of Data Quality Annotations on Observational Data Research

Makadia, Rupa - Comparability Assessment of Cohorts with and without Laboratory Values

Defalco, Frank - Dataprint: A Novel Visualization Tool for Database Comparison

You, Seng Chan - Development of Clinically Informing application based on Recurrent Neural Network (CIReNN)

Gini, Rosa - Obtaining estimates of outcome validity from a small set of parameters: the component strategy from the ADVANCE project

Starr, Richard - Process for Expediting ETL to the OMOP Common Data Model

Dymshyts, Dmitry; Ostropolets, Anna; Reich, Christian - International RxNorm Extension - to support the expansion of the OHDSI research network beyond the US

Chandran, Urmila; Reps, Jenna; Ryan, Patrick; Paul, Stang - Does It Matter if I Stay or Go? Predicting Patient-Level Attrition to Evaluate Study Generalizability

Reps, Jenna; Cepeda, Soledad; Ryan, Patrick - Predicting Who Will Develop Treatment Resistant Depression after Being Newly Diagnosed with Depression

Reps, Jenna; Hsiao, Carine; Johnston, Stephen - Development and validation of a model to predict cessation of antihyperglycemic medication after laparoscopic bariatric surgery among patients with type 2 diabetes

Swerdel, Joel; Reps, Jenna, Ryan; Patrick - Predictive Modeling of Incident Heart Failure in Subjects with Newly Diagnosed Atrial Fibrillation

Blacketer, Clair; Voss, Erica - Creating a Framework for Evaluating Open Healthcare Claims Using the OMOP Common Data Model

Feeney, Kristin - Building Deep Learning Models with the OMOP CDM

Nestsiarovich, Anastasiya - Comparison of 29 monotherapies for psychiatric hospitalization risk in bipolar spectrum disorders

Lauve, Nicolas - Local Control for patient level prediction and heterogeneity of treatment effect

Kumar, Praveen - Visit level suicidality/self-harm phenotyping in bipolar disorder

Aaron Galaznik, Greg Klebanov, Eldar Allakhverdiiev, Yuri Khoma and Christian Reich Predictive Modeling as an OHDSI Network Study: Treatment Non-Response in NSCLC patients treated with ALK Inhibitors

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