Phenotype Phebruary 2024

Now in its third year, “Phenotype Phebruary” is a community-wide initiative to advance the field of phenotyping in observational studies. This past Phenotype Phebruary focused on assessing consistency in phenotype definition components, phenotype representation structure, and phenotype validation methods.

The month-long activity empowered OHDSI collaborators to engage with each other while advancing the science of phenotyping and gaining education and training around phenotype development and evaluation.

Community members voted to focus efforts on four specific phenotypes: Alzheimer’s Disease, lung cancer, major depression disorder, and pulmonary hypertension. Under the leadership of Azza Shoaibi, Anna Ostropolets, Gowtham Rao and James Weaver, a team of 40+ collaborators worked on systematic literature searches and synthesis, replication using ATLAS and other OHDSI tools, and summarizations of variations in population characteristics like incidence rates. 


Phenotype Phebruary Closing Presentation

By the end of the month, collaborators identified and reviewed 93 clinical studies, developed an ATLAS and CohortDiagnostics demo, built and publicly shared 30 cohort definitions, and created three shiny apps with full cohort diagnostics on The team also put together 8,784 incidence rates and continues work within the forum posted linked below and calls within the Phenotype Development & Evaluation workgroup.

The OHDSI community engaged in Phenotype Phebruary in both 2022 and 2023, and you can learn more about those activities by visiting their respective homepages.