The Titan Awards

To recognize OHDSI collaborators (or collaborating institutions) for their contributions towards OHDSI’s mission, the OHDSI Titan Awards were introduced at the 2018 Symposium and have been handed out at the U.S./Global Symposium each year since.

Annually, community members are invited to nominate individuals or institutions they feel have made significant contributions towards advancing OHDSI’s mission, vision and values. Once nominations are submitted, the OHDSI Titan Award Committee selects the award winners, who will be announced and recognized during the closing of the annual global symposium.

Titan Award for Data Standards – to recognize extraordinary contributions by an individual, organization, or team in development or evaluation in community data standards, including OMOP common data model and standardized vocabularies

  • 2023 – Gowtham Rao and Azza Shoaibi, Johnson & Johnson
  • 2022 – Melanie Philofsky, Odysseus Data Services
  • 2021 – Maxim Moinat, The Hyve/Erasmus University Medical Center
  • 2020 – Clair Blacketer, Janssen Research and Development
  • 2019 – Oncology Workgroup (Michael Gurley, Northwestern Univ.; Rimma Belenkaya, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Robert Miller, Tufts CTSI)
  • 2018 – Vocabulary team (Christian Reich, IQVIA; Anna Ostropolets, Columbia Univ.; Dmitry Dymshyts, Odysseus Data Services)


Titan Award for Methodological Research – to recognize extraordinary contributions by an individual, organization, or team in development or evaluation in analytical methods for clinical characterization, population-level effect estimation, or patient-level prediction

  • 2023 – Jiayi (Jessie) Tong, University of Pennsylvania
  • 2022 – Fan Bu, UCLA
  • 2021 – Yong Chen, University of Pennsylvania
  • 2020 – Nicolas Thurin, Université de Bordeaux
  • 2019 – Jenna Reps, Janssen Research and Development
  • 2018 – Martijn Schuemie, Janssen Research and Development; Marc Suchard, University of California, Los Angeles


Titan Award for Open-source Development – to recognize extraordinary contributions by an individual in design, development, testing, and deployment of open-source software to enable observational analyses

  • 2023 – Katy Sadowski, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • 2022 – Egill Fridgeirsson, Erasmus MC/James Gilbert, Janssen Research and Development
  • 2021 – Adam Black, Odysseus Data Services
  • 2020 – Anthony Sena, Janssen Research and Development
  • 2019 – Pavel Grafkin, Odysseus Data Services
  • 2018 – Christopher Knoll, Janssen Research and Development


Titan Award for Clinical Application – to recognize extraordinary contributions by an individual, organization, or team in generating clinical evidence that improves health by informing better health decisions and better care

  • 2023 – Center for Surgical Science (led by Ismail Gögenur)
  • 2022 – Xintong Li, University of Oxford
  • 2021 – Asieh Golozar, Odysseus Data Services
  • 2020 – Jenny Lane, University of Oxford
  • 2019 – Oxford Study-A-Thon (Dani Prieto-Alhambra, University of Oxford; Edward Burn, University of Oxford; Jamie Weaver, Janssen Research and Development; Ross Williams, Erasmus University Medical Center)
  • 2018 – Seng Chan You, Ajou University


Titan Award for Community Collaboration – to recognize an individual for their collaborative spirit in helping their fellow community members reach their goals

  • 2023 – Cynthia Sung, Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute
  • 2022 – Ajit Londhe, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • 2021 – Erica Voss, Janssen Research and Development
  • 2020 – Talita Duarte-Salles, IDIAPJGol
  • 2019 – Andrew Williams, Tufts Medical Center
  • 2018 Kristin Kostka, Deloitte; Mui Van Zandt, IQVIA


Titan Award for Community Leadership – to recognize an individual for their leadership in advancing the OHDSI mission

  • 2023 – Nicole Pratt, University of South Australia
  • 2022 – Paul Nagy, Johns Hopkins University
  • 2021 – Mui Van Zandt, IQVIA
  • 2020 – Dani Prieto-Alhambra, University of Oxford
  • 2019 – Peter Rijnbeek, Erasmus University Medical Center
  • 2018 – Rae Woong Park, Ajou University School of Medicine


Titan Award for Community Support – to recognize an individual, team, or organization for their contributions to ensuring the sustainability of the OHDSI community

  • 2023 – Gyeol Song, IQVIA
  • 2022 – Craig Sachson, Columbia University
  • 2021 – Faaizah Arshad, UCLA; Ross Williams, Erasmus University Medical Center
  • 2020 – COVID-19 Support Team, Erasmus University Medical Center
  • 2019 – James Wiggins, Amazon Web Services
  • 2018 – Lee Evans, LTS Computing LLC