Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To improve health by empowering a community to collaboratively generate the evidence that promotes better health decisions and better care.

Our Vision

A world in which observational research produces a comprehensive understanding of health and disease.

Our Values

Innovation: Observational research is a field which will benefit greatly from disruptive thinking. We actively seek and encourage fresh methodological approaches in our work.

Reproducibility: Accurate, reproducible, and well-calibrated evidence is necessary for health improvement.

Community: Everyone is welcome to actively participate in OHDSI, whether you are a patient, a health professional, a researcher, or someone who simply believes in our cause.

Collaboration: We work collectively to prioritize and address the real world needs of our community’s participants.

Openness: We strive to make all our community’s proceeds open and publicly accessible, including the methods, tools and the evidence that we generate.

Beneficence: We seek to protect the rights of individuals and organizations within our community at all times.