DevCon 2023 Coming April 21, Will Highlight New Opportunities In OHDSI Open-Source Environment

The Open-Source Community will host DevCon 2023 on April 21 as a way to both welcome and inform both new and veteran developers in the OHDSI Community. Organized by Paul Nagy and Adam Black, the event will feature 11 short talks around five topics (see agenda below) in the morning, followed by a trio of afternoon workshops that focus on significant topics for sustained success within our open-source community.

The event will also serve to inform junior/new developers into the OHDSI ecosystem through the Khieron Cohort, which will help onboard and mentor open-source developers in the community for a second straight year.

The first DevCon was held last year and featured a trio of talks and eight different workshops on open-source tools; you can revisit the event or watch any of the presentations here.

Meeting invitations for DevCon 2023 went out on March 13. If you did not receive one, please use the link below to join the session.

Preliminary Agenda (subject to change)

Session 1 (9 am-12 pm ET)

Open Source Economics
9 – 9:20 am • Economic Models to support a flourishing OHDSI Open Source Ecosystem (Adam Black)
9:20 – 9:40 am • Post-coordinated cost-sharing for OHDSI Software (Clark Evans)

9:40 – 10 am • Software Development in DARWIN EU® to Support High Throughput Network Studies (Ed Burn)
10 – 10:20 am • Development and Validation of the DARWIN EU® IncidencePrevalence R Package (Berta Raventós)

10:20 – 10:40 am • Assembling cohort queries with FunSQL (Kyrylo Simonov)
10:40 – 11 am • Using Julia for Observational Health Research (Jacob Zelko)

11 – 11:20 am • Strategus: the future of module based OHDSI study design (Anthony Sena)  
11:20 – 11:40 am • Using Strategus for PLP network studies (Jenna Reps)

Open Source Governance
11:40 – 11:50 am • Khieron, the OHDSI software development leadership program (Paul Nagy)
11:50 – 12:10 pm • Project Management Superpowers with Github for WG’s and Software Development (Robert Miller)
12:10 – 12:30 pm • Launching a Technical Advisory Board (TAB) for OHDSI (Lee Evans & Paul Nagy)

Session 2 (1-3 pm ET)

Workshops (all held in breakout rooms within OHDSI DevCon environment)
1) Let’s build a cooperative cost-sharing system for OHDSI works (led by Adam Black and Clark Evans) 
2) Technology Advisory Board business meeting (led by Lee Evans)
3) Network studies users’ group (Save Our Sisyphus)