OHDSI 2021 Collaborator Showcase

Observational Data Standards and Management

Conversion of UK Biobank into the OMOP CDM: New Data for Inferences Between Episodic Care (Amelia J Averitt, Alexandra Orlova, Alexander Davydov, Oleg Zhuk, Michael N Cantor, Gregory Klebanov)­

Medication dosage and exposure duration in OMOP CDM: mapping challenges (Tatiana Banokina, Dmitry Dymshyts, Alexandra Orlova, Alexander Kraynov, Alexander Davydov)

Mapping UK Biobank to the OMOP CDM: challenges and solutions using the delphyne ETL framework (Sofia Bazakou, Maxim Moinat, Alessia Peviani, Anne van Winzum, Stefan Payralbe, Vaclav Papez, Spiros Denaxas)

The VISIT_DETAIL: A Vehicle for Standard Visits (Clair Blacketer)

Establishing a large COVID-19 cohort through mapping the Information System for Research in Primary Care (SIDIAP) in Catalonia to the OMOP Common Data Model (Sergio Fernandez-Bertolin, Erica A Voss, Clair Blacketer, Maria Aragón, Martina Recalde, Elena Roel, Carlen Reyes, Sebastiaan van Sandijk, Lars Halvorsen, Peter R Rijnbeek, Talita Duarte-Salles)

Linking Analysis Ready Multi-modal Clinical data (Priya Desai, Somalee Datta)

OMOP-CDM ETLs with Dask and Prefect (Freija Descamps, Roberto Guarnieri, Lars Halvorsen, Jared Houghtaling)

Ontology of Cancer Diagnosis in the OMOP Vocabulary (Dmitry Dymshyts, Vlad Korsik, Denys Kaduk, Mike Nerovnya, Alex Davydov, Christian Reich, Michael Gurley, Asieh Golozar, Shilpa Ratwani,  Joseph Sirintrapun , W. Scott Campbell, Rimma Belenkaya)

Deriving Initial Disease Episode from Discrete Diagnosis (Michael Gurley, Asieh Golozar, Robert Miller, Rimma Belenkaya, Shilpa Ratwani, Shanta Bethusamy, Andrew Williams, Joseph Sirintrapun, Christian Reich)

LAISDAR – A federated data network to support COVID-19 research in Rwanda (Lars Halvorsen, Freija Descamps, Jared Houghtaling, Benjamin Burke, Francine Birungi, Clarisse Musanabaganwa, Jean Baptiste Byiringiro, Stefan Jansen, Celestin Twizere, Kizito Nkurikiyeyezu, Charles Ruranga, Aurore Nishimwe, Regina Mugeni, Jean N Utumatwishima, Damas Kabakambira, Sabin Nsanzimana, Marc Twagirumukiza)

Evaluation of vaccine concept mappings in OMOP vocabulary: a real-world database study (Denys Kaduk, Adam Black, Yupeng Li, Lixia Yao)

Representation of investigational drugs in the OMOP CDM (Michael Kallfelz, Dmitry Dymshyts, Meera Patel, Christian Reich, Jeremy Warner, Rimma Belenkaya)

Pragmatic OMOP CDM (Melanie Philofsky, Gregory Klebanov)

Near Real-Time Incremental OMOP-CDM ETL System (Seongwon Lee, Wanhee Lee, Seunghyung Lee, Ju Young Kim, Rae Woong Park)

Securing OHDSI on AWS for HIPAA and Research Data Management Compliance (Michael Lubke, Tapati Mazumdar, Murat Sincan, Catherine Hajek)

Empirical Assessment of Alternative Methods for Identifying Seasonality in Observational Healthcare Data (Anthony Molinaro, Frank DeFalco)

How vocabulary updates can affect individual OMOP instances (Daniel Park, Elise Gatsby, Benjamin Viernes, Kushan Hewa, Scott L. DuVall, Kristine E. Lynch)

Implementing & adopting a customized OMOP Common Data Model (Melanie Philofsky, Ufuoma Olakpe)

Scaling OHDSI open-source community projects, lessons learned by Oncology Work group (Shilpa Ratwani, Asieh Golozar, Michael Gurley, Andrew Williams, Robert Miller, Christian Reich, Dmitry Dymshyts, Michael Kallfelz, Rimma Belenkaya)

Machine Learning-assisted query and information retrieval system on real-world data (Miguel Romero Calvo, Yupeng Li, Tesfagabir Meharizghi, Weilin Meng, Selvan Senthivel, Saman Sarraf, Lin Lee Cheong)

Understanding Precision Medicine through the NIH All of Us Research Program and NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (Jay G. Ronquillo, William T. Lester)

Representation of High-Level Radiation Oncology Treatment Events from CPT Codes (Michael Gurley, Asieh Golozar, Rimma Belenkaya, Tatyana Sandler)

Assessing the Technical and Operational Feasibility of a Next-generation Data Capture and Processing Approach An Extension of OMOP-based Data Translation Developed by the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research (CIBMTR) (Ben Smith, Trent Peterson, Kristina Bloomquist)

A journey through VA’s uptake of the OMOP common data model (Benjamin Viernes, Elizabeth E Hanchrow, Steven M Johnson, Elise Gatsby, Michael E Matheny, Daniel J Park, Jill M Whitaker, Scott L Duvall, Kristine E Lynch)

REDHot OMOP: Facilitating Semantic Interoperability in REDCap with FHIR and the OMOP CDM (Salvatore Volpe, Karthik Natarajan)

LIGHTNING TALK: Data Quality Dashboard Used to Improve Data Quality in the EHDEN Network (Clair Blacketer, Erica Voss, Frank DeFalco, Maxim Moinat, Peter R Rijnbeek)

LIGHTNING TALK: Beyond Clinical: Integrating Research Assay Data into the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics Common Data Model (OHDSI CDM) through the Surgical Critical Care Initiative (SC2i) (Chandra Almond, William Patino, Ravi Sanka, Seth Schobel, Andrew MacKelfresh, Allan Kirk, Eric A. Elster)

LIGHTNING TALK: Extending the OMOP CDM to store the output of natural language processing pipelines (Monica Arrue, Sandra Pulido, Alvaro Abella, Gabriel Maeztu, Alberto Labarga) * 2021 Recipient of Best Community Contribution Award

LIGHTNING TALK: Validation of the Genomic Variant Vocabulary against TCGA (Denys Kaduk, Asieh Golozar, Peter Robinson, Michael Gurley, Seng Chan You, Shin Seojeong, Shaadi Mehr, Andrew Williams, Rimma Belenkaya, Shilpa Ratwani, Ron Miller, Christian Reich)

Methodological Research

Best of intent, worst of both worlds: why sequentially combining epidemiological methods does not improve signal detection in vaccine surveillance (Faaizah Arshad, Lana YH Lai, George Hripcsak, Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Martijn J. Schuemie, Marc A. Suchard)

A Biomedically oriented automatically annotated Twitter COVID-19 Dataset (Luis Alberto Robles Hernandez, Tiffany J. Callahan, Juan M. Banda)

Summarizing current evidence for the PIONEER study-a-thon: Systematic Literature Review of prostate cancer patients managed with watchful waiting (Peter-Paul Willemse, Katharina Beyer, Muhammed Imran Omar, Ronald Herrera, Megan Molnar, Isabella Greco, Riccardo Campi, Samuel Fatoba, Bertrand De Meulder; Susan Evans, Nazanin Zounemat Kermani, Sebastiaan Remmers, Christian Reich, Shilpa Ratwani, Asieh Golozar Robert Snijder, Mauro Gacci, Ariel Achtman, Nigel Hughes, Peter Rijnbeek, Emma Smith; Carl Steinbeißer, Mieke Van Hemelrijck; Anders Bjartell, James N’dow, Alex Asiimwe, Monique Roobol, Giorgio Gandaglia)

Phenotype Development and Evaluation of Heart Failure: A Case Study in using Patient Level Prediction to Improve Phenotype Validity (Pooja M. Desai, Anna Ostropolets, Lauren R. Richter, Harry Reyes Nieva, Matthew Spotnitz, Victor A. Rodriguez, Tony Y. Sun, Karthik Natarajan)

Distributed Counterfactual Modeling Approach for Investigating Hospital-Associated Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Mortality (Mackenzie Edmondson, Chongliang Luo, Nazmul Islam, David Asch, Jiang Bian, Yong Chen)

Estimating Model Performance on External Datasets from Their Limited Statistical Characteristics: Application to 3-Year Surgery Risk in Ulcerative Colitis (Tal El Hay, Chen Yanover)

Quantifying polypharmacy in elderly people: a comparison between source and mapped data in the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink GOLD (Leena Elhussein, Ed Burn, Antonella Delmestri, Victoria Y Strauss, Daniel Prieto-Alhambra)

Real-World Evaluation of Systematic Bias and Balance of Overall Patient Characteristics of Propensity Score Matching Versus Cardinality Matching (Stephen P Fortin, Martijn J Schuemie)

Predictive Performance of the Charlson Comorbidity Index: SNOMED CT Disease Hierarchy Versus International Classification of Diseases (Stephen P Fortin

Imputation of Continuous Measurements in Large Healthcare Databases: Comparing the Performance of Imputation Algorithms (Stephen P Fortin, Jenna Reps)

Attention based deep neural networks in patient level prediction (Egill Fridgeirsson, David Sontag, Peter Rijnbeek)

The secret (outpatient) garden: Using the OMOP CDM to better differentiate between out-patient and inpatient diagnoses in the VA EHR data (Elise Gatsby, Benjamin Viernes, Michael E Matheny, Scott L DuVall, Kristine E Lynch

Identification of treatment intent from the actual time-to-treatment distribution in prostate cancer patients (Asieh Golozar, Christian Reich)

Big Data Methods for Real World Data: A Simulation Study to Assess Suitability of Machine Learning Methods to Account for Confounding Under Various Treatment and Outcome Prevalence Scenarios (Yuchen Guo, Sarah Khalid, Victoria Strauss, M Sanni Ali, Daniel Prieto-Alhambra)

Development of an ETL Process for Bulk and Incremental Load of German Patient Data into OMOP CDM Using FHIR (Elisa Henke, Yuan Peng, Ines Reinecke, Michele Zoch, Martin Sedlmayr)

Association Rule and Frequent Pattern Mining using the OMOP CDM (Solomon Ioannou, Egill Fridgeirsson, Jan Kors, Peter Rijnbeek)

Bridging communities: Transforming MIMIC-IV to the OMOP CDM (Michael Kallfelz, Andrew Williams, Tom Pollard, Anna Tsetkova, Manlik Kwong, Gigi Lipori, Jeff Osborn, Vojtech Huser)

Design criteria for reference sets in pharmacovigilance: The case of drug-drug interactions (Elpida Kontsioti, Simon Maskell, Munir Pirmohamed)

Comparing the impact of alternative phenotype definitions: insights from developing cohorts for COVID-19 adverse events of special interest (Rupa Makadia, Azza Shoaibi, Gowtham Rao, Jill Hardin, Joel Swerdel, Stephen Fortin, Xintong Li, Anna Ostropolets, Anthony G Sena, Peter R. Rijnbeek, Marc A Suchard, George Hripcsak, Patrick B. Ryan)

Learning under constraints with EXPLORE (Aniek F. Markus, Jan A. Kors, Peter R. Rijnbeek)

The concept of anchoring in observational study design and its influence (Anna Ostropolets, Talita Duarte-Salles, Xintong Li, Rupa Makadia, Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Gowtham Rao, Peter R. Rijnbeek, Martijn Schuemie, Anthony G. Sena, Azza Shaoibi, Marc A. Suchard, Patrick B. Ryan, George Hripcsak) * 2021 Recipient of Best Community Contribution Award

Personalizing Background Risk Estimates for Outcomes of Interest associated with Covid-19 Vaccination (Jenna Reps, Patrick Ryan)

An EUMAEUS investigation: how much can be gained in vaccine safety surveillance by including second dose data? (Ty Stanford, Nicole Pratt, on behalf of the EUMAEUS task force)

PheValuator 2.0: Changes to Improve the Performance of the Phenotype Algorithm Evaluation Tool (Joel Swerdel, Martijn Schuemie, Patrick B. Ryan)

Assessing impact on change in incidence on calibration performance across external validation (Ross Williams, Jenna Reps, Peter Rijnbeek)

Trends in the development and validation of patient-level prediction models using electronic health record data: a systematic review (Cynthia Yang, Jan A. Kors, Solomon Ioannou, Luis H. John, Aniek F. Markus, Alexandros Rekkas, Maria de Ridder, Tom Seinen, Ross D. Williams, Peter R. Rijnbeek)

Wikipedia Drug Safety Advisory Committee: Distilling A Drug Adverse Effect Reference Set Using Wisdom of The Crowd (Yonatan Bilu, Chen Yanover)

LIGHTNING TALK: Evaluating the performance of Austin’s standardized difference heuristic in observational cohort studies with varying sample size (Mitchell Conover, Azza Shoaibi, Joshua Ide, Martijn Schuemie)

LIGHTNING TALK: Leveraging APHRODITE to identify bias in statistical phenotyping algorithms (Juan M. Banda, Nigam H. Shah, Vyjeyanthi S Periyakoil)

LIGHTNING TALK: Assessing the impact of race on glomerular filtration rate prediction (Linying Zhang, Lauren R. Richter, George Hripcsak)

LIGHTNING TALK: A Prediction Model Library (Ross D. Williams, Jenna M. Reps, Peter R. Rijnbeek)

Open-Source Analytics Development

Gold or Lead? Adjudicating Differences between CDM Data and Chart Reviews (Kimberley Dickinson, Hanieh Razzaghi, Levon Utidjian, Amy Goodwin Davies, Evanette Burrows, Daniel Eckrich, Pete Camacho, Charles Bailey) * 2021 Recipient of Best Community Contribution Award

CemConnector: A RESTFul application programing interface and client library for the Common Evidence Model (CEM) (James P. Gilbert, Erica A. Voss, Christopher A. Knoll, Patrick B. Ryan)

Beyond standardization: Reproducible approaches to deriving clinically meaningful variables for several measures of renal function (Amy Goodwin Davies, Evanette Burrows, Ashley Batugo, Kimberley Dickinson, Sara Deakyne Davies, Richard Hoyt, Janet Zahner, Vikas R. Dharnidharka, Bradley P. Dixon, Joseph T. Flynn, Mark M. Mitsnefes, William E. Smoyer, L. Charles Bailey, Hanieh Razzaghi, Michelle R. Denburg)

REDCap2OMOP: A platform for ETLing REDCap projects into the OMOP CDM (Michael J. Gurley, Jeremy Warner, Yulia Bushmanova, Firas Wehbe)

Automated Generation of Individual and Population Clinical Pathways with the OMOP Common Data Model (Fabio Boudis, Laura Jezequel, Maëlle Baillet, Antoine Lamer)

Comparing Data Quality Dashboard results from consecutive ETL iterations: three new utilities (Elena G. Lara, Maxim Moinat)

Competing risk regression models in cohort studies with the R package Cohort Method (Kelly Li, Marc Suchard, Jianxiao Yang) * 2021 Recipient of Best Community Contribution Award

Bringing a Titan to a New Organization (Ajit Londhe, Andrew Toler, Yanmei Lu, Rajbir Chadha, Garry Seddon, Deborah Kim, Gregory Klebanov, Alexey Manoylenko, Anton Abushkevich, Sergey Suvorov)

Treatment Patterns: An R package to analyze treatment patterns of a study population of interest (Aniek F. Markus, Peter R. Rijnbeek, Jan A. Kors, Katia Verhamme)

Design of a framework to detect temporal clinical event trajectories from health data standardized to the OMOP CDM (Kadri Kunnapuu, Solomon Ioannou, Kadri Ligi, Raivo Kolde, Sven Laur, Jaak Vilo, Peter Rijnbeek, Sulev Reisberg)

GPU parallelization of massive sample-size survival analysis (Jianxiao Yang, Marc Suchard)

There & Back Again: Using Julia to Augment OHDSI R Packages (Jacob Zelko)

Software Demo: ARES: A Research Exploration System (Frank J DeFalco, Alan Andryc, Anthony Molinaro, Clair Blacketer)

Software Demo: Criteria2Query 2.0: An Editable User Interface for Human-Machine Collaboration in Cohort Definition (Yilu Fang, Yingcheng Sun, Hao Liu, Zhehuan Chen, Chunhua Weng)

Software Demo: All Genes Lead to ROMOPomics (Nicholas Giangreco, Salvatore G Volpe, Meghana Tandon, Kamileh Narsinh, Ben Busby)

Software Demo: Evaluating automated selection of outcome negative controls for estimating the total error distribution of self-controlled cohort study designs (James P. Gilbert, Rachel E. Teneralli, Erica A. Voss, Christopher A. Knoll, David M. Kern, M Soledad Cepeda, Patrick B. Ryan)

Software Demo: Perseus Design and run your own ETL to CDM (Anton Ivanov, Samus Sergey, Alexander Efimov, Maxim Draschinsky)

Software Demo: CohortIncidence: A Standardized Framework for Characterizing Incidence Using OMOP Common Data Model and OHDSI tools (Christopher Knoll, Anthony Sena)

Software Demo: ATLAS with a BigQuery backend running Execution Engine – a Software demo (Jose Posada, Priya Desai, Konstantin Yaroshovets, Gregory Klebanov)

Software Demo: Cohort Diagnostics (Gowtham Rao, Azza Shoaibi, Jamie Gilbert, Martijn Schuemie)

Software Demo: Automated Translation of Cohort Definitions from Atlas JSON to CQL-FHIR (Michael Riley, Jon Duke)

Software Demo: Disease Progression Modeling Workbench 360 (Parthasarathy Suryanarayanan, Prithwish Chakraborty, Piyush Madan, Nelson Bore, William Ogallo,, Rachita Chandra, Mohamed Ghalwash, I. Buleje, Sekou Lionel Remy, Shreyans Sethi, Shilpa Mahatma, P. Meyerr, Jianying Hu)

Clinical Applications and Community

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on pediatric utilization patterns in claims data (Alan Andryc, Rachel Weinstein, Steven Sacavage, Marsha Tharakan, Rupa Makadia) 

Short-term mortality in patients undergoing colorectal cancer surgery: A prediction study (Karoline Bendix Bräuner,  Mikail Gögenur, Viviane Annabelle Lin, Andreas Weinberger Rosen, Johan Clausen, Eldar Allakhverdiiev, Rasmus Peuliche Vogelsang, Ismail Gögenur)

Prediction of early acute readmission after colorectal cancer surgery using only clinical preoperative variables (Johan Clausen, Andreas Weinberger Rosen, Karoline Bendix Bräuner, Mikail Gögenur, Viviane Annabelle Lin, Eldar Allakhverdiiev, Julie Sparholt Walbech, Ismail Gögenur)

Diagnostic Accuracy of Code-Based Algorithms to Identify Urinary Tract Infection in U.S. Administrative Claims Databases (Stephen P Fortin, Jeroen Geurtsen, Michal Sarnecki, Joachim Doua, Jamie Colasurdo, Joel Swerdel)

Predicting risk of recurrence after surgery for colorectal cancer (Mikail Gögenur, Viviane Lin, Adamantia Tsouchnika, Eldar Allakhverdiiev, Andreas Weinberger Rosen, Karoline Bendix Bräuner, Julie Sparholt Walbech, Ismail Gögenur)

Examination of Characteristics and Treatments in Pediatric and Adult Hidradenitis Suppurativa (Jill Hardin, Rupa Makadia, Emily Brouwer, Shawn Black, Irene Lara-Corrales, Lucia Z Diaz, Joslyn Sciacca Kirby, Cynthia Marie Carver DeKlotz)

Development of a Machine-learning Model to Predict Antibiotic Resistance using Urine Culture and Antibiotic Susceptibility Data (Chungsoo Kim, Sandy Jeong Rhie, Rae Woong Park)

Quantitative analysis on the development of musculoskeletal adverse effects of corticosteroids using common data model (Sun Geu Chae, Sang-Heon Kim, Yoon-Kyoung Sung, Yeesuk Kim)

Predicting complications after surgery for colorectal cancer – Identifying patients at risk (Viviane Lin, Adamantia Tsouchnika, Eldar Allakhverdiiev, Andreas Weinberger Rosen, Mikail Gögenur, Johan Clausen, Karoline Bendix Bräuner; Ismail Gögenur)

Treatment heterogeneity in comparative effectiveness of teriparatide vs bisphosphonates: multi-database cohort study (Alexandros Rekkas, Annika M. Jodicke, David van Klaveren, Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Peter R. Rijnbeek)

Evaluating Patient Count Vs Hospitalization Risk for Common Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria: A Case Study for Relapsed/Refractory Lymphoma/Leukemia (James Rogers, Casey N. Ta, Cong Liu, Ali Soroush, Ying Kuen Cheung, George Hripcsak, Chunhua Weng)

Predicting 1- 3-, and 5-year mortality after surgery for colorectal cancer using a Danish quality assurance database (Andreas Weinberger Rosen, Karoline Bendix Bräuner, Mikail Gögenur, Viviane Annabelle Lin, Johan Clausen, Eldar Allakhverdiiev, Adamantia Tsouchnika, Rasmus Peuliche Vogelsang, Ismail Gögenur)

Characterization of Antiepileptic Drug Treatment Pathways with the Common Data Model: Pilot Results from Columbia University Irving Medical Center (Matthew Spotnitz, Anna Ostropolets, Karthik Natarajan, Victor G. Castano, Genna J. Waldman, Michael Argenziano, Ruth Ottman, George Hripcsak, Hyunmi Choi, Brett E. Youngerman)

From type 2 diabetes diagnosis to developing complications: a multi-country approach to understanding patients journey (David Vizcaya, George Argyriou, Jingsong Cui, Sarah Seager, Henry Morgan-Stewart, Christian Reich)

Proof-of-concept model targeting patient-level prediction of 90-day mortality after colorectal cancer surgery kickstarts OHDSI journey (Rasmus Peuliche Vogelsang, Andreas Weinberger Rosen, Eldar Allakhverdiiev, Ismail Gögenur)

Lightning Talk: Detection of prone positioning in hospitalized COVID patients using NLP (Patrick R. Alba, Jose Posada, Jason Weatherald, Kristine Lynch, Annie Bowles, Nigam Shah, Olga V. Patterson, Scott L. DuVall, Evan Minty)

Lightning Talk: From metrics to intelligence using the OMOP CDM and the Patient-Level-Prediction package as a foundation decision support tool (Adamantia Tsouchnika, Andreas Weinberger Rosen, Ismail Gögenur)

Lightning Talk: Detecting PTSD and self-harm among US Veterans using positive unlabeled Learning (Praveen Kumar, Nicolas R. Lauve, Sharon E. Davis, Sharidan K. Parr, Daniel Park, Michael E. Matheny, Gerardo Villarreal, George Uhl, Yiliang Zhu, Mauricio Tohen, Douglas J. Perkins, Christophe G. Lambert) * 2021 Recipient of Best Community Contribution Award

Lightning Talk: Revealing unknown benefits of existing medications to aid the discovery of new treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (David Kern, Rachel E. Teneralli, Christopher M. Flores, James P. Gilbert, Christopher Knoll, Gayle M. Wittenberg, Patrick B. Ryan, M. Soledad Cepeda)

Lightning Talk: The European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN) Sharing the OHDSI Journey and a Vision of Evidence Today, Not in Several tomorrows (Nigel Hughes, Daniel Prieto Alhambra, Carlos Diaz, Peter Rijnbeek)

Lightning Talk: Long term outcomes of prostate cancer patients managed by watchful waiting: results from the PIONEER/EHDEN/OHDSI study-a-thon (Kees van Bochove, Carl Steinbeiber, Asieh Golozar, Bertrand De Meulder, Susan Evans Axelsson, Giorgio Gandaglia, Katharina Beyer, Muhammad Imran Omar, James N’Dow, Anders Bjartell, Nazanin Zounemat Kermani, Ronald Herrera, Sebastiaan Remmers, Christian Reich, Shilpa Ratwani, Alex Asiimwe, Femke van Diggelen, Ketharini Senthilkumar, Robert Snijder, Ariel H. Achtman, Monique J. Roobol, Nigel Hughes, Peter Rijnbeek, Maxim Moinat, Emma Jane Smith and the PIONEER consortium)

Lightning Talk: Covid-19 Pandemic impacts on mental health Related conditions Via multi-database network: a Longitudinal Observational study (CERVELLO) (Carmen Olga Torre, Kenneth Man, Hao Luo, Wallis Lau, Ian Wong)

Lightning Talk: Large Scale Dissemination of OHDSI Methods and Tools: Introducing a New Community Resource, the OHDSI Center at the Roux Institute at Northeastern University (Kristin Kostka, Justin Manjourides, Andrew Williams, Christian Reich, David Madigan)