Join The Journey

As a community, we are collaborating towards improving health outcomes for patients around the world.

To achieve this goal, we are developing open-source analytic tools and generating high-quality evidence to inform medical decision making. 

Whether you’re a software developer, physician or clinical researcher, there is a place for everyone in the OHDSI community.

Want to Join The Journey? Here are a few ways you can get started!

Step One: Join The OHDSI Forums

Connect with other OHDSI collaborators on our community forums and start discussing how you can help us inform medical decision-making, or simply follow discussions that are interesting to you and learn about the work happening within our global community.

Step Two: Join The OHDSI MS Teams Environment

Collaborate with us globally on our Microsoft Teams environment. We have a main OHDSI team, as well as many others focused on specific workgroups, studies, regional chapters, etc. You can get access to our Teams environment by filling this form out, and then use this form to let us know what workgroups, studies and/or chapters you wish to join.

What is OHDSI All About? Hear from our community!

Step Three: Join Our Community Calls and/or Workgroup Calls

Interact with members of our community weekly during our OHDSI Community Call, held Tuesdays at 11 am ET within the Teams environment. Following weekly updates, we have a variety of call formats, including breakout discussions, research presentations, workgroup updates, and quarterly calls dedicated to welcoming newcomers. These calls are recorded, and you can access them (as well as the meeting link) at our Community Calls page. Our workgroups meet to discuss a broad variety of specific topics of interest in the community. Groups can meet weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. We keep an updated schedule of meetings at our Workgroup Calls page, and we invite you to join these calls and collaborate with our community!

Step Four: Continue To Learn About OHDSI

Learn about OHDSI tools and research processes in a variety of ways.

The Book of OHDSI (which is also translated into both Korean and Chinese) is a community-developed resource with information for every step of your journey.

We collaborate with our friends at the EHDEN Consortium to develop the EHDEN Academy, a set of free, on-demand training and development courses. These are open to anybody, but we always encourage new OHDSI collaborators to use this resource to learn about best practices towards our mission of improving health by empowering a community to collaboratively generate evidence that promotes better health decisions and better care.

• Our OHDSI News & Updates page keeps you informed of recent publications, upcoming studies and more, while also profiling collaborators and providing any other updates about our global efforts. 

• We have held many tutorials throughout the years, with the last in-person ones coming at the 2019 Symposium in Bethesda, Md. While COVID-19 may have kept us from coming together in person, we had more than 2,000 registrants for our 2020 Global Symposium, which had impressive presentations in many areas (including a plenary session on Large Scale Network Phenotype Development, Evaluation and Characterization).

Join The Journey

Your journey with OHDSI has already started. Your interest in this global collaboration is the first step in making a real difference in global health. There is no limit to the difference you can make in our community. We invite you to search our website, post to the forum, join us in Teams, check out our Github, or reach out to us over email.

Thank you for Joining The Journey with OHDSI!