OHDSI 2021 Global Symposium

The 2021 OHDSI Global Symposium featured plenary presentations on both OHDSI’s Impact on the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as on the Journey to Reliable Evidence. The main days included the State of the Community Presentation, the Collaborator Showcase, and a memorable Closing Ceremony that focused on OHDSI’s work through the perspective of a patient.

There were also a pair of activities, including the first OHDSI Reproducibility Challenge workshop, and a full-day tutorial on building conceptsets.

All materials from the 2021 Symposium will be shared on this page in the coming weeks. The first two sessions, as well as links to the collaborator showcase presentations, are currently available below.

Day 1: OHDSI's Impact on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Plenary Presentations

The Sept. 14 plenary during the 2021 OHDSI Symposium featured the State of the Community presentation, updates from the global OHDSI network, and then a series of talks about OHDSI’s impact on the COVID-19 pandemic.

0:00 – OHDSI State of the Community (George Hripcsak)
20:26 – OHDSI network update: US (Kristin Kostka)
27:47 – OHDSI network update: Europe (Peter Rijnbeek)
36:18 – OHDSI network update: Asia Pacific (Mui Van Zandt)
44:06 – Incidence rate method sensitivity and anchoring (Anna Ostropolets)
53:50 – Phenotype sensitivity (Rupa Makadia)
1:03:31 – The EUMAEUS project: Overview and main results (Martijn Schuemie)

Watch the Day 1 Plenary Talks Here

1:19:13 – The EUMAEUS project: Applying methods sequentially (Faaizah Arshad)
1:24:23 – Prediction sensitivity to data and design choices (Jenna Reps)
1:34:48 – Review of prior COVID-19 estimation and prediction studies (Seng Chan You)

1:42:50 – The CHARYBDIS project – 18 month review (Talita Duarte-Salles)
1:53:55 – Drug utilization trends in COVID-19 (Albert Prats-Uribe)
1:58:41 – AESI incidence rates (Xintong Li)
2:09:23 – The SCYLLA project (Marc Suchard)
2:15:32 – Studying vaccine effectiveness (George Hripcsak)

Reaction Panel

Following the plenary presentations, we were thrilled to have four healthcare leaders join us to engage in a panel discussion. The recording is available to the right. 

 – Catherine Cohet, PhD • Pharmacoepidemiology/RWE Expert, Data Analytics & Methods Task Force, European Medicines Agency 

– Richard Forshee, PhD • Associate Director for Research at U.S. Food and Drug Administration, CBER/OBE 

– Magdalena Sobieszczyk, MD • Harold C. Neu Professor of Infectious Diseases (in Medicine) at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Watch the Day 1 Reaction Panel Here

– Joanne Waldstreicher, MD • Chief Medical Officer, Johnson & Johnson 

Moderator: Daniel Prieto-Alhambra MD, MSc, PhD • Professor of Pharmaco- and Device Epidemiology, University of Oxford 

Day 2: The Journey To Reliable Evidence

Plenary Presentations

The Sept. 15 plenary during the 2021 OHDSI Symposium focused on the journey to reliable evidence. The first portion of the plenary included four presentations, which are time-stamped below.

0:00 – Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Receptor Agonists and Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease Exacerbations Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes (Yasser Albogami)
15:56 – Lessons From The OHDSI Reproducibility Workshop (Anna Ostropolets)
29:13 – The Journey to Reliable Evidence: Reproducibility (Mitchell Conover)
54:47 – The Journey to Reliable Evidence: Generalizability (Christian Reich) 

Watch the Day 2 Plenary Talks Here

Reaction Panel

Following the plenary talks on “The Journey to Reliable Evidence,” we were excited to welcome three leaders in the field to engage in a reactionary panel. The panelists and moderator are listed below: 

– Shirley V. Wang, PhD • Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School; Associate Epidemiologist in the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital 

– Thamir Alshammari, PhD, MS, RPH • Advisor, Saudi Food and Drug Authority Executive President; Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice. Senior researcher, Medication Safety Research Chair, King Saud University. VP, ISPE Middle East (Saudi Arabia) 

Watch the Day 2 Reaction Panel Here

– Rohan Khera, MD, MS • Assistant Professor of Medicine, Section of Cardiovascular Medicine, Yale School of Medicine (United States) 

Watch the Reaction Panel here. 

Moderator: Kristin Kostka, MPH • Director, OHDSI Center at the Roux Institute at Northeastern University 

OHDSI Reproducibility Service/Roux Center

Presentation by David Madigan

Closing Ceremony

Presentation by Patrick Ryan, Jamie Weaver

Collaborator Showcase

The Collaborator Showcase received a record number of submissions this year, and following a peer-review process, there were more than 100 submissions of posters, software demos, and lightning talks that comprised the 2021 Collaborator Showcase. The presentations featured OHDSI advancements in observational data standards and management, methodological research, open-source analytics development, and clinical applications.

Lightning Talks

Observational Data Standards and Management

Data Quality Dashboard Used to Improve Data Quality in the EHDEN Network

Presenters: Clair Blacketer, Erica Voss

Beyond Clinical: Integrating Research Assay Data into the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics Common Data Model (OHDSI CDM) through the Surgical Critical Care Initiative (SC2i)

Presenter: Chandra Almond

Extending the OMOP CDM to store the output of natural language processing pipelines

Presenter: Monica Arrue

Validation of the Genomic Variant Vocabulary against TCGA

Presenter: Denys Kaduk


Methodological Research

Evaluating the performance of Austin’s standardized difference heuristic in observational cohort studies with varying sample size

Presenter: Mitchell Conover

Leveraging APHRODITE to identify bias in statistical phenotyping algorithms

Presenter: Juan Banda


Assessing the impact of race on glomerular filtration rate prediction

Presenter: Linying Zhang

A Prediction Model Library

Presenter: Ross Williams


Clinical Applications

Detection of prone positioning in hospitalized COVID patients using NLP

Presenter: Patrick Alba

From metrics to intelligence using the OMOP CDM and Patient-Level-Prediction package as a foundation decision support tool

Presenter: Ismail Gögenur 

Detecting PTSD and self-harm among US Veterans using positive unlabeled Learning

Presenter: Christophe Lambert

Revealing unknown benefits of existing medications to aid the discovery of new treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder

Presenter: David Kern


The European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN) Sharing the OHDSI Journey and a Vision of Evidence Today, Not in Several tomorrows

Presenter: Nigel Hughes

Revealing unknown benefits of existing medications to aid the discovery of new treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder

Presenters: Kees van Bochove, Asieh Golozar

Covid-19 Pandemic impacts on mental health Related conditions Via multi-database network: a Longitudinal Observational study (CERVELLO)

Presenter: Hao Luo

Large Scale Dissemination of OHDSI Methods and Tools: Introducing a New Community Resource, the OHDSI Center at the Roux Institute at Northeastern University

Presenter: Kristin Kostka