OHDSI DevCon 2022 Welcomes & Mentors New Contributors To Our Open-Source Environment

Watch All Eight Workshops, Talks & The Panel From DevCon Below

The Open-Source Community hosted the first
Dev Con on Friday, April 22 as a way of accepting and mentoring new contributors to our environment. Organized by Paul Nagy and Adam Black, the event included eight workshops, talks and a panel discussion to both welcome and engage both current and future developers within OHDSI.

All videos from this session have or will be uploaded to this page. A big announcement from DevCon was the formation of the Khieron Contributor Cohort, which will help onboard and mentor open-source developers in the community. If you are interested in joining the effort, please fill out the application.

To learn more about the Khieron Contributor Cohort, please check out the State of the Open Source Community presentation below.

OHDSI DevCon Keynote

Martijn Schuemie provided the keynote address during DevCon 2022, entitled “Open-Source Software and Science … Obviously.” His slides are available here.

State Of The Community Presentation

Panel: Putting The Pieces Together


The event began at 8 am with several workshops that were held over the first two hours of the session. Each workshop will be loaded below the agenda.

8 am: ATLAS (Anthony Sena); HADES Introduction (Adam Black), 
8:30 am: WebAPI (Anthony Sena); CohortDiagnostics (James Gilbert)
9 am: WhiteRabbit/Rabbit in a Hat (Maxim Moinat); Patient-Level Prediction (Jenna Reps)
9:30 am: Data Quality Dashboard (Clair Blacketer); Cyclops (Marc Suchard)

At 10 am, both Paul Nagy and Adam Black shared the State of the Open-Source Community presentation. That talk led into the keynote talk, which was given by Martijn Schuemie.

The event closed with an industry panel discussion around the theme of “Putting The Pieces Together.” The panelists included OHDSI’s Lee Evans (Broadsea), Microsoft’s Cory Stevenson (OHDSI on Azure), AWS’s James Wiggins (OHDSI on AWS), and Google’s Vivian Neilley (OHDSI on Google Cloud).



(Anthony Sena)

HADES Introduction

(Adam Black)


(Anthony Sena)

Cohort Diagnostics

(James Gilbert)

White Rabbit

(Maxim Moinat)

Patient-Level Prediction

(Jenna Reps)

Data Quality Dashboard

(Clair Blacketer)


(Marc Suchard)