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THIS IS OUTDATED. All documentation is now on the github wiki. Please refer there or to the CDM working group for more information

The RELATIONSHIP table provides a reference list of all types of relationships that can be used to associate any two concepts in the CONCEPT_RELATIONSHP table.

relationship_idYesvarchar(20) The type of relationship captured by the relationship record.
relationship_nameYesvarchar(255) The text that describes the relationship type.
is_hierarchicalYesvarchar(1)Defines whether a relationship defines concepts into classes or hierarchies. Values are 1 for hierarchical relationship or 0 if not.
defines_ancestryYesvarchar(1)Defines whether a hierarchical relationship contributes to the concept_ancestor table. These are subsets of the hierarchical relationships. Valid values are 1 or 0.
reverse_relationship_idYesvarchar(20)The identifier for the relationship used to define the reverse relationship between two concepts.
relationship_concept_idYesintegerA foreign key that refers to an identifier in the CONCEPT table for the unique relationship concept.


  • There is one record for each Relationship.
  • Relationships are classified as hierarchical (parent-child) or non-hierarchical (lateral)
  • They are used to determine which concept relationship records should be included in the computation of the CONCEPT_ANCESTOR table.
  • The relationship_id field contains an alphanumerical identifier, that can also be used as the abbreviation of the Relationship.
  • The relationship_name field contains the unabbreviated names of the Relationship.
  • Relationships all exist symmetrically, i.e. in both direction. The relationship_id of the opposite Relationship is provided in the reverse_relationship_id field.
  • Each Relationship also has an equivalent entry in the Concept table, which is recorded in the relationship_concept_id field. This is for purposes of creating a closed Information Model, where all entities in the OMOP CDM are covered by unique Concepts.
  • Hierarchical Relationships are used to build a hierarchical tree out of the Concepts, which is recorded in the CONCEPT_ANCESTOR table. For example, “has_ingredient” is a Relationship between Concepst of the Concept Class 'Clinical Drug' and those of 'Ingredient', and all Ingredients can be classified as the “parental” hierarchical Concepts for the drug products they are part of. All 'Is a' Relationships are hierarchical.
  • Relationships, also hierarchical, can be between Concepts within the same Vocabulary or those adopted from different Vocabulary sources.
  • In past versions of the RELATIONSHIP table, the relationship_id used to be a numerical value. A conversion table between these old and new IDs is given below:
relationship_id previouslyrelationship_id Version 5
1LOINC replaced by
2Has precise ing
3Has tradename
4RxNorm has dose form
5Has form
6RxNorm has ing
9Reformulation of
11NDFRT has dose form
13May diagnose
14Has physio effect
15Has CI physio effect
16NDFRT has ing
17Has CI chem class
18Has MoA
19Has CI MoA
20Has PK
21May treat
22CI to
23May prevent
24Has metabolites
25Has metabolism
26May be inhibited by
27Has chem structure
28NDFRT - RxNorm eq
29Has recipient cat
30Has proc site
31Has priority
32Has pathology
33Has part of
34Has severity
35Has revision status
36Has access
37Has occurrence
38Has method
39Has laterality
40Has interprets
41Has indir morph
42Has indir device
43Has specimen
44Has interpretation
45Has intent
46Has focus
47Has manifestation
48Has active ing
49Has finding site
50Has episodicity
51Has dir subst
52Has dir morph
53Has dir device
54Has component
55Has causative agent
56Has asso morph
57Has asso finding
58Has measurement
59Has property
60Has scale type
61Has time aspect
62Has specimen proc
63Has specimen source
64Has specimen morph
65Has specimen topo
66Has specimen subst
67Has due to
68Has relat context
69Has dose form
70Occurs after
71Has asso proc
72Has dir proc site
73Has indir proc site
74Has proc device
75Has proc morph
76Has finding context
77Has proc context
78Has temporal context
79Findinga sso with
80Has surgical appr
81Using device
82Using energy
83Using subst
84Using acc device
85Has clinical course
86Has route of admin
87Using finding method
88Using finding inform
93CPT4 - SNOMED cat
94CPT4 - SNOMED eq
125MedDRA - SNOMED eq
126Has FDA-appr ind
127Has off-label ind
129Has CI
130ETC - RxNorm
131ATC - RxNorm
132SMQ - MedDRA
135LOINC replaces
136Precise ing of
137Tradename of
138RxNorm dose form of
139Form of
140RxNorm ing of
141Consists of
142Contained in
143Reformulated in
144Is a
145NDFRT dose form of
146Induced by
147Diagnosed through
148Physiol effect by
149CI physiol effect by
150NDFRT ing of
151CI chem class of
152MoA of
153CI MoA of
154PK of
155May be treated by
156CI by
157May be prevented by
158Metabolite of
159Metabolism of
160Inhibits effect
161Chem structure of
162RxNorm - NDFRT eq
163Recipient cat of
164Proc site of
165Priority of
166Pathology of
167Part of
168Severity of
169Revision status of
170Access of
171Occurrence of
172Method of
173Laterality of
174Interprets of
175Indir morph of
176Indir device of
177Specimen of
178Interpretation of
179Intent of
180Focus of
181Manifestation of
182Active ing of
183Finding site of
184Episodicity of
185Dir subst of
186Dir morph of
187Dir device of
188Component of
189Causative agent of
190Asso morph of
191Asso finding of
192Measurement of
193Property of
194Scale type of
195Time aspect of
196Specimen proc of
197Specimen identity of
198Specimen morph of
199Specimen topo of
200Specimen subst of
201Due to of
202Relat context of
203Dose form of
204Occurs before
205Asso proc of
206Dir proc site of
207Indir proc site of
208Proc device of
209Proc morph of
210Finding context of
211Proc context of
212Temporal context of
213Asso with finding
214Surgical appr of
215Device used by
216Energy used by
217subst used by
218Acc device used by
219Clinical course of
220Route of admin of
221Finding method of
222Finding inform of
226SNOMED - ICD9P eq
227SNOMED cat - CPT4
228SNOMED - CPT4 eq
239SNOMED - MedDRA eq
240Is FDA-appr ind of
241Is off-label ind of
243Is CI of
244RxNorm - ETC
245RxNorm - ATC
246MedDRA - SMQ
247Ind/CI - SNOMED
248SNOMED - ind/CI
275Has therap class
276Therap class of
277Drug-drug inter for
278Has drug-drug inter
279Has pharma prep
280Pharma prep in
281Inferred class of
282Has inferred class
283SNOMED proc - HCPCS
284HCPCS - SNOMED proc
285RxNorm - NDFRT name
286NDFRT - RxNorm name
287ETC - RxNorm name
288RxNorm - ETC name
289ATC - RxNorm name
290RxNorm - ATC name
293DOI - RxNorm
294RxNorm - DOI
295HOI - MedDRA
296MedDRA - HOI
297NUCC - CMS Specialty
298CMS Specialty - NUCC
299DRG - MS-DRG eq
300MS-DRG - DRG eq
301DRG - MDC cat
302MDC cat - DRG
303Visit cat - PoS
304PoS - Visit cat
305VAProd - NDFRT
306NDFRT - VAProd
307VAProd - RxNorm eq
308RxNorm - VAProd eq
309RxNorm replaced by
310RxNorm replaces
311SNOMED replaced by
312SNOMED replaces
313ICD9P replaced by
314ICD9P replaces
315Multilex has ing
316Multilex ing of
317RxNorm - Multilex eq
318Multilex - RxNorm eq
319Multilex ing - class
320Class - Multilex ing
321Maps to
322Mapped from
325Map includes child
326Included in map from
327Map excludes child
328Excluded in map from
345UCUM replaced by
346UCUM replaces
347Concept replaced by
348Concept replaces
349Concept same_as to
350Concept same_as from
351Concept alt_to to
352Concept alt_to from
353Concept poss_eq to
354Concept poss_eq from
355Concept was_a to
356Concept was_a from
357SNOMED meas - HCPCS
358HCPCS - SNOMED meas
359Domain subsumes
360Is domain
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