Creative Submissions


We are pleased to introduce a new creative addition to the 2019 OHDSI Symposium!

During this year’s symposium we are accepting collaborator submissions that are beyond the traditional poster, oral talk or software demonstration. Feel free to get creative! The submissions can be in the form of a special talent that you would like to share with the OHDSI community. Some examples would be: playing musical instruments, singing, dance, OHDSI-inspired art, etc.

The prerequisites for the submission are: 1) it should be related to OHDSI in some way and, 2) it should be limited to approximately 10-15 minutes in duration, if a performance.

On the form you will provide us with a short description of what you would like to share with the OHDSI community. You have the option to upload a file in WORD, PDF or JPG format or you may upload a short video (maximum 5 minutes or 500MB) or YouTube link.

 The deadline for the Creative Submissions is 5pm (EST) on Monday, August 12. 

The chosen submissions will be showcased at the symposium on Monday, Sept 16. If your submission is selected, we will contact you via email by August 30. After August 30, we will provide further details including the time and place you will perform or display your special talent! Good luck!

In order to access the submission form below, you need to have a Google Account. If you need to set up a Google Account, please click here: Create a Google Account