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Study Name Principal Investigator Status Participants
Early Treatment Pathways in Patients with Cancer RuiJun (Ray) Chan (Columbia), George Hripcsak (Columbia) Study complete. Paper published in JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics. Patrick Ryan (Janssen), Karthik Natarajan (Columbia), Thomas Falconer (Columbia), Katherine D. Crew (Columbia), Christian G. Reich (IQVIA), Rohit Vashisht (Stanford), Gurvaneet Randhawa (National Cancer Institute) Nigam H. Shah (Stanford)
Characterization of Oral Antibiotic Therapy for Acne Lisa Schilling (UC Denver), Robert P. Dellavalle Finalizing protocol. Obtaining data from preliminary participants Chandler Rundle (UC Denver), Chante Karimkhani, Megan Branda, John Barbieri, Chris Knoll (Janssen), David Margolis, Patrick Ryan (Janssen), Martijn Schuemie (Janssen), Jonathan Silverberg, Dylan Ray, Sara Deakyne
Comparison of combination treatment in hypertension Seng Chan You, MD (Ajou University) Sungjae Jung, BE (Ajou University) Protocol in development. Martijn Schuemie (Janssen), Patrick Ryan (Janssen), Marc Suchard (UCLA)
Comparative effectiveness of alendronate and raloxifene in reducing the risk of hip fracture Yeesuk Kim (Hanyang University), Marc Suchard (UCLA) Analysis Ongoing. Paper in development. Jon Duke, George Hripcsak, David Madigan, Christian Reich, Patrick Ryan, Martijn Schuemie
Large-scale modeling of patients with thyroid conditions Antonija Burcul, Frank DeFalco (Janssen), Jill Hardin (Janssen) Protocol in development. Ivette Engel-Bicik, Maria Tulpan, Kent Holfort
Learning Effective Clinical Treatment Pathways for Type-2 Diabetes from Observational Data Rohit Vashisht (Stanford) Study complete. Paper published in AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings. Martijn Schuemie (Janssen), Patrick Ryan (Janssen), Jamie Weaver (Janssen), Rae Wong Park (Ajou), Young Gun (Ajou), Nigam Shah (Stanford), Ken Jung (Stanford), Juan Banda (Stanford)
Large-Scale Population-Level Evidence Generation Martijn Schuemie (Janssen), Patrick Ryan (Janssen) Results presented at 2016 symposium. Seeking more collaborators. Marc Suchard (UCLA), Peter Rijnbeek (Erasmus MC)
Proof of concept study for large-scale patient-level predictive modelling in the OHDSI data network Peter Rijnbeek (Erasmus MC), Jenna Reps (Janssen) Analysis ongoing. Seeking more collaborators. Martijn Schuemie (Janssen), Marc Suchard (UCLA), Patrick Ryan (Janssen)
Data Quality Study Vojtech Huser (NIH) Collecting results from 10 sites. Seeking more participants. Abstract submitted to MedInfo Currently seeking additional collaborators
Quality of Race and Ethnicity Data in the EHR Fernanda Polubriaginof (Columbia) Seeking participants. Adler Perotte (Columbia), George Hripcsak (Columbia), David Vawdrey (Value Institute), Vojtech Huser (NIH), Patrick Ryan (Janssen)
Investigating Birth Month-Disease Risk Relationships Across the OHDSI Network Mary Regina Boland (Columbia) Study complete. Paper pending. George Hripcsak (Columbia), Nicholas Tatonetti (Columbia)
Levetiracetam and Risk of Angioedema in patients with Seizure Disorder Jon Duke (GeorgiaTech) Study complete. Paper Published Patrick Ryan (Janssen), Marc Suchard (UCLA), Martijn Schuemie (Janssen), George Hripcsak (Columbia)
Population-level estimation of comparative risks of Celecoxib versus non-selective NSAIDs Marc Suchard (UCLA) In development. Martijn Schuemie (Janssen), Patrick Ryan (Janssen)
Drug Utilization in Children Ian Wong (University of Hong Kong), Martijn Schuemie (Janssen) Analysis complete. Paper pending. Kenneth Man, Nicole Pratt (University of South Australia), Rae Woong Park (Ajou University), Soo-Yeon Cho (Ajou University), Jack Li, Usman Iqbal, Alex Nguyen
Treatment Pathways in Chronic Disease George Hripcsak (Columbia) Study complete. Paper published in PNAS. Patrick Ryan (Janssen), Jon Duke (GeorgiaTech), Martijn Schuemie (Janssen), Nigam Shah (Stanford), Rae Woong Park (Ajou University), Vojtech Huser (NIH), Marc Suchard (UCLA), Frank DeFalco (Janssen), Adler Perotte (Columbia), Juan Banda (Stanford), Christian Reich (IMS Health), Lisa Schilling (UC Denver), Michael Matheny (VA, Vanderbilt), Daniella Meeker (USC), Nicole Pratt (University of South Australia), David Madigan (Columbia)
Multi-site Evaluation of a Data Quality Tool for Patient-Level Clinical Datasets Vojtech Huser (NIH) Study complete. Paper published in eGEMS. Martijn Schuemie (Janssen), Nigam Shah (Stanford), Patrick Ryan (Janssen), Mark Velez (Columbia), Rae Woong Park (Ajou University), Richard Boyce (Pittsburg University), Jon Duke (GeorgiaTech), Rajesh Khare (TexasTech), Levon Utidjian (CHOP), Charles Bailey (CHOP)