EHDEN Launches Second Open Call For SMEs

EHDEN has certified two groups of SMEs to standardize health data to the OMOP CDM. The second open call for SMEs is taking place Feb. 1-29, 2020.

The OHDSI community has been a proud collaborator with the European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN) since the EHDEN launch in 2018. An IMI 2 consortium, EHDEN looks standardize more than 100 million patient records across Europe from different geographic areas and different data sources over the coming five years. Mapping of healthcare data to the OMOP-CDM will facilitate the re-use for a variety of purposes, enhancing and accelerating research and healthcare decision-making for global benefit. To this end, EHDEN will create an SME eco-system in Europe that supports data sources and other stakeholders in mapping and using data.

EHDEN recently announced that it has launched the second open call for SMEs to apply for training and certification to convert health data from various formats to the OMOP common data model. This second open call will run throughout the month of February, concluding on the 29th (17:00 CET).

 WATCH: Peter Rijnbeek discussed EHDEN during the 2019 OHDSI U.S. Symposium 

By becoming a certified SME in the EHDEN community you will:

  • Expand your existing market:
    • Customer base and geographical reach
    • Range of services and products
  • Contribute to the creation of emerging, new markets for data sciences
    • Health data mapping to the OMOP CDM
    • Data analysis services for small and medium biomedical companies
    • Infrastructure design and deployment
    • Enabler of high throughput studies by bridging data users and providers
    • Training on the use of OHDSI tools and observational analyses
    • Ongoing support and maintenance of connected data and provided solutions
  • Gain a competitive advantage on specialized skill set as an early adopter
  • Potentially contribute to a change of paradigm benefitting the health of citizens
  • Generate a short-term income to offset skill investment
  • Receive free training and certification
  • Become part of an open-source community to further boost business opportunities
  • Have access to a thriving community facilitating hands-on training of new staff
  • Increase exposure and brand recognition with key stakeholders

If this prospect interests you, visit the EHDEN open call for SMEs page for more details and to submit your application. The EHDEN Consortium is looking forward to your potential application and to collaborate with you.