Learn More About Version 6 Of The PatientLevelPrediction Package

PatientLevelPrediction, a part of the HADES open-source tool library, is an R package for building and validating patient-level predictive models using data in the OMOP Common Data Model format. Check out the PatientLevelPrediction (PLP) github page for more information.

PLP workgroup co-lead and package maintainer Jenna Reps created a series of demo videos to provide assistance with using v6 of the package. You can check out the descriptions and videos here, or on our OHDSI YouTube page (check out the tutorials playlist). 


This video demonstrates how to extract data and develop single model using PatientLevelPrediction version 6.

This video demonstrates how to design prediction models and develop multiple models using PatientLevelPrediction version 6.

This video demonstrates the PatientLevelPrediction version 6 shiny app that enables users to interactively explore prediction model results.

This video explains how to use the new OHDSI R package Strategus and OHDSI modules to develop an OHDSI prediction development network study. Text instructions are available here.

This video explains explains how to run an OHDSI prediction network study using the new Strategus approach. Text instructions are available here.