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Definitions and Terms

For purposes of the OMOP Common Data Model (CDM), the following terms are used:

Standardized VocabulariesContains a system of Vocabularies, Classifications, Domains and Concepts all consolidated into a common format and stored in a set of CDM tables.
VocabularyA set of codes or concepts, including if available relationships amongst them, including if available a hierarchy, ontology or taxonomy of the concepts. Many vocabularies are adopted from national or international organizations, such as ICD-9-CM, SNOMED-CT, RxNorm, Read.
TerminologySimilar to vocabulary and often used synonymously, but not used in this document.
Coding schemeSimilar to vocabulary and often used synonymously, but not used in this document.
ClassificationA hierarchical system of concepts and concept relationships that defines semantically useful classes, like chemical structures for drugs.
DomainA clinical semantic category, like Drug, Condition, Procedure defined for all Concepts in the Standardized Vocabularies.
ConceptBasic unit of information defined in each Vocabulary.
Concept ClassAn attribute of a concept characterizing it's classification within a Vocabulary. The difference to the Classification is that a Concept Class is a single attribute without any hierarchical structure.

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