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SNOMED relationshiprelationship_id in CONCEPT_RELATIONSHIP
AccessHas access
AfterOccurs after
ApproachHas surgical appr – looks like old version
Associated aetiologic findingHas etiology
Associated findingHas asso finding
Associated morphologyHas asso morph
Associated procedureHas asso proc
Associated withFinding asso with
AWFinding asso with
Causative agentHas causative agent
Caused byCaused by
Clinical courseHas clinical course
ComponentHas component
Direct deviceHas dir device
Direct morphologyHas dir morph
Direct substanceHas dir subst
Discontinued indicatorHas disc indicator
Due toHas due to
EpisodicityHas episodicity
ExtentHas extent
Finding contextHas finding context
Finding informerUsing finding inform
Finding methodUsing finding method
Finding siteHas finding site
FlavourHas flavor
FollowingFollowed by
Has active ingredientHas active ing
Has basis of strength substanceHas basis str subst
Has definitional manifestationHas manifestation
Has dispensed dose formHas disp dose form
Has dose formHas dose form
Has excipientHas excipient
Has focusHas focus
Has interpretationHas interpretation
Has measured componentHas meas component
Has specific active ingredientHas spec active ing
Has specimenHas specimen
Has trade family groupHas trade family grp
Indirect deviceHas indir device
Indirect morphologyHas indir morph
InstrumentationUsing device
IntentHas intent
InterpretsHas interprets
Is aIs a
LateralityHas laterality
Legal categoryHas legal category
Measurement methodHas measurement
Measurement MethodHas measurement – looks like misspelling
MethodHas method
MorphologyHas morphology
OccurrenceHas occurrence
OnsetHas clinical course – looks like old version
Part ofHas part of
Pathological processHas pathology
Pathological process (qualifier value)Has pathology
PriorityHas priority
Procedure contextHas proc context
Procedure deviceHas proc device
Procedure morphologyHas proc morph
Procedure siteHas proc site
Procedure site - DirectHas dir proc site
Procedure site - IndirectHas indir proc site
PropertyHas property
Recipient categoryHas recipient cat
Revision statusHas revision status
Route of administrationHas route of admin
Route of administration - attributeHas route of admin
Scale typeHas scale type
SeverityHas severity
Specimen procedureHas specimen proc
Specimen source identityHas specimen source
Specimen source morphologyHas specimen morph
Specimen source topographyHas specimen topo
Specimen substanceHas specimen subst
StageHas stage
Subject relationship contextHas relat context
Surgical approachHas surgical appr
Temporal contextHas temporal context
Temporally followsOccurs after
Time aspectHas time aspect
Using access deviceUsing acc device
Using deviceUsing device
Using energyUsing energy
Using substanceUsing subst
VMP prescribing statusVMP has prescr stat
VRP prescribing statusVRP has prescr stat
VMP non-availability indicatorHas non-avail ind
PreconditionHas precondition
Inherent locationHas inherent location
TechniqueHas technique
Relative to part ofHas relative part
Process outputHas process output
Property typeHas property type
Inheres inInheres in
Direct siteHas direct site

SNOMED relationship “Associated with” needed to be bidirectional: Finding associated with, Associated with finding. However, not all connect SNOMED Concepts of the class “Finding”, there are also those of the class “Event”

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