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Domains are OMOP-defined clinical entity categories that are defined for each Concept in the Standardized Vocabulary. A list of all Domains is stored in the DOMAIN table. In the CONCEPT table, the field domain_id of each Concept record determines the Domain the Concept belongs to.

All Standard and Classification Concepts (standard_concept = 'S' or 'C') have a unique Domain, while the non-standard Source Concepts (standard_concept = NULL) can have domain_id entries that represent combinations of domains.

Domain assignment

Domain assignments are done using a heuristic, which is different for each vocabulary. Most vocabularies have Concepts in one of few Domains, but some of them, like HCPCS or Read, are very broad. The assignment will follow the following logic:


  • Disease
  • Clinical finding


  • Drug product
  • Vaccine
  • Immunization recorded as a procedure


  • Medical device
  • Contrast media
  • Blood product
  • Dietary supplement


  • Measure of an analyte or entity
  • Assessment scale


  • Manual or robotic manipulation on a patient


  • Observational finding
  • Observational assessment
  • Observable entity

However, for some of the categories, the assignment can be ambiguous. For these cases, in the OMOP Standardized Vocabulary we use the following rules:

Behavioral abnormalityICD10CM Z72.810 Child and adolescent antisocial behaviorCondition
Blood bank productCPT4 86930 Frozen blood, each unit; freezing (includes preparation)Device
Contrast material for imagingHCPCS A9581 Injection, gadoxetate disodium, 1 ml Device
Food SupplementSPL 304fdee6-0290-4717-be3d-b367bec7e411 Ferrous GluconateDevice
Graft (alive or artificial)HCPCS L8670 Vascular graft material, synthetic, implantDevice
Implant (not drug eluding)HCPCS L8610 Ocular implantDevice
Medical supplyHCPCS A4336 Incontinence supply, urethral insert, any type, eachDevice
Nutrition (enteral)HCPCS B4152 Enteral formula, nutritionally complete, calorically dense (equal to or greater than 1.5 kcal/ml) with intact nutrients, includes proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, may include fiber, administered through an enteral feeding tube, 100 cal…Device
Nutrition (parenteral)HCPCS B5200 Parenteral nutrition solution: compounded amino acid and carbohydrates with electrolytes, trace elements, and vitamins, including preparation, any strength, stress - branch chain amino acids - premixDevice
ProsthesisHCPCS L6687 Upper extremity addition, frame type socket, below elbow or wrist disarticulationDevice
Radioactive material for imagingHCPCS C1204 Technetium tc 99m tilmanocept, diagnostic, up to 0.5 millicuriesDevice
Radiological procedure supply, radiopharmaceutical)HCPCS C2644 Brachytherapy source, cesium-131 chloride solution, per millicurieDevice
Animal DrugSPL 3cc46410-1360-43ba-af4f-fd33c9bc3533 THYROID SOOTHE - chamomilla, iodium, lycopus, nux vom, zingiber sprayDrug
Cellular TherapyRxNorm 1000596 autologous cultured chondrocytes 30000000 CELLS/ML Injectable Solution [Carticel]Drug
Implant (drug eluding)HCPCS J7311 Fluocinolone acetonide, intravitreal implantDrug
Procedure DrugHCPSC J2704 Injection, propofol, 10 mgDrug
Cytogenetic studyCPT4 88271 Molecular cytogenetics; DNA probe, each (eg, FISH)Measurement
CytopathologyCPT4 1012386 Cytopathology smears, cervical or vaginalMeasurement
Drug testingHCPCS G6030 Amitriptyline (Assay of amitriptyline)Measurement
ElectrocardiogramHCPCS G0403 Electrocardiogram, routine ecg with 12 leads; performed as a screening for the initial preventive physical examination with interpretation and report Measurement
Hearing testCPT4 92563 Hearing test using earphonesMeasurement
Immunological test procedureCPT4 95065 Direct nasal mucous membrane testMeasurement
Semen analysisHCPCS G0027 Semen analysis; presence and/or motility of sperm excluding huhnerMeasurement
CosmeticSPL 8491b3d2-1edc-4694-adf7-b9649edb00eb ONWARD CHAPSTICK - lipstickObservation
Evaluation or assessmentHCPCS G8930 Assessment of depression severity at the initial evaluationObservation
Lifestyle choiceICD10 Z58.7 Exposure to tobacco smokeObservation
Pathology reportHCPCS G9428 Pathology report includes the pt category and a statement on thickness and ulceration and for pt1, mitotic ratenObservation
Service without exact procedureHCPCS H0030 Behavioral health hotline service, HCPCS H2016 Comprehensive community support services, per diemObservation
Visit without procedureHCPCS S9127 Social work visit, in the home, per diemObservation
Anything called *ectomyHCPCS S2350 Diskectomy, anterior, with decompression of spinal cord and/or nerve root(s), including osteophytectomy; lumbar, single interspace except some devices having *ectomy in description like HCPCS L8020 Breast prosthesis, mastectomy formProcedure
Anything called *graphyHCPCS C9733 Non-ophthalmic fluorescent vascular angiographyProcedure
Anything called *scopyHCPCS S2070 Cystourethroscopy, with ureteroscopy and/or pyeloscopy; with endoscopic laser treatment of ureteral calculi (includes ureteral catheterization)Procedure
AttentionICD10 Z43.5 Attention to CyctostomyProcedure
BrachytherapyHCPCS G0458 Low dose rate (ldr) prostate brachytherapy services, composite rateProcedure
CounselingHCPCS H0005 Alcohol and/or drug services; group counseling by a clinicianProcedure
DetoxificationHCPCS H0009 Alcohol and/or drug services; acute detoxification (hospital inpatient)Procedure
ExaminationICD10 Z01.0 Examination of eyes and visionProcedure
ImagingCPT4 91110 Gastrointestinal tract imaging, intraluminal (eg, capsule endoscopy), esophagus through ileum, with interpretation and reportProcedure
ImmunotherapyCPT4 95115 Professional services for allergen immunotherapy not including the provision of allergenic extracts; single injectionProcedure
ManagementICD10 Z30.9 Contraceptive management, unspecifiedProcedure
MonitoringHCPCS 59050 Fetal monitoring during labor by consulting physician (ie, non-attending physician) with written report; supervision and interpretationProcedure
Physician consultCPT4 1014276 Pathology consultation during surgeryProcedure
Procedure Drug (without exact drug information and no RxNorm mapping)HCPCS J8498 Antiemetic drug, rectal/suppository, not otherwise specifiedProcedure
Service with exact procedureHCPCS H0005 Alcohol and/or drug services; group counseling by a clinicianProcedure
Surgical pathology (gross or microscopic)CPT4 88300 Level I - Surgical pathology, gross examination onlyProcedure
Visit with exact procedureHCPCS S9097 Home visit for wound careProcedure
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