Weekly OHDSI Digest-March 20, 2023


Please join our March 21 community call (11 am ET) to hear about five recent publications from the OHDSI community. We will hear about the following studies from the listed publication leads:

1) Rates of Antipsychotic Drug Prescribing Among People Living With Dementia During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Hao Luo, Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong)

2) Safety outcomes of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in adolescent attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder with comorbid depression: the ASSURE study (Chungsoo Kim, PhD Candidate, Department of Biomedical Informatics, Ajou University)

3) Risk of COVID-19 Diagnosis and Hospitalisation in Patients with Osteoarthritis or Back Pain Treated with Ibuprofen Compared to Other NSAIDs or Paracetamol: A Network Cohort Study (Junqing (Frank) Xie, DPhil Student & Research Assistant, University of Oxford)

4) An ETL-process design for data harmonization to participate in international research with German real-world data based on FHIR and OMOP CDM (Yuan Peng, Research Fellow, Technische Universität Dresden)

5) Integrating real-world data to assess cardiac ablation device outcomes in a multicenter study using the OMOP common data model for regulatory decisions: implementation and evaluation (Yue Yu, Senior Bioinformatician, Department of Quantitative Health Sciences, Mayo Clinic)

Everybody is invited. Calendar invites went out last week. If you did not receive one, please use this link to join the meeting. All recordings from these weekly calls will be posted on both our main OHDSI Teams tenant and on our OHDSI.org Community Calls page.


Upcoming Workgroup Calls – OHDSI


Congratulations to the team of Vipina Keloth, Juan M Banda, Michael Gurley, Paul Heider, Georgina Kennedy, Hongfang Liu, Feifan Liu, Timothy Miller, Karthik Natarajan, Olga V Patterson, Yifan Peng, Kalpana Raja, Ruth M Reeves, Masoud Rouhizadeh, Jianlin Shi, Xiaoyan Wang, Yanshan Wang, Wei-Qi Wei, Andrew Williams, Rui Zhang, Rimma Belenkaya, Christian Reich, Clair Blacketer, Patrick Ryan, George Hripcsak, Noémie Elhadad, and Hua Xu on the publication of Representing and Utilizing Clinical Textual Data for Real World Studies: An OHDSI Approach in the Journal of Biomedical Informatics.


Dani Prieto-Alhambra and Kristin Kostka recently shared the preprint The burden of long COVID: a multinational cohort analysis of Spanish and UK data including SARS-CoV-2 infections, reinfections, and matched contemporaneous test negative controls. Community feedback is appreciated.

The agenda and meeting link for DevCon 2023 is now available at the event homepage. The event will last from 9 am – 3 pm on April 21 and will feature 11 short talks around five topics (see agenda on the homepage) in the morning, followed by a trio of afternoon workshops that focus on significant topics for sustained success within our open-source community. Thank you to Adam Black and Paul Nagy for organizing this event.

The next edition of the CBER BEST Seminar Series will be held Wednesday, March 22, at 11 am ET, and will feature a presentation from Martijn Schuemie on ‘Negative controls and p-value calibration in RWE generation.’ More information and a registration link is available here.

Dani Prieto-Alhambra shared that the Health Data Sciences section of the Oxford University Botnar Research has created five Trueta bursaries for the residential one-week summer school in Real World Evidence, held June 19-23, 2023. These bursaries will cover free attendance to the Oxford Summer School 2023: Real World Evidence using the OMOP Common Data Model and accommodation (including breakfast and dinner) in Lady Margaret Hall facilities for the duration of the course. To learn if you are eligible for one of the bursaries and to apply, please visit this homepage. The closing date is Friday, March 31.

HADES Development Announcements

Martin Lavallee announced the release of Capr 2.0. This is a major update overhauling the user-interface of Capr. The intent of the overhaul is to improve the readability of the Capr code. For full details visit the package website.

Martijn Schuemie announced the following updates this week: Bigknn 1.0.2 (adds support for the upcoming Andromeda release), SqlRender 1.13.0 (has some fixes for BigQuery, SQLite, and DuckDB), ROhdsiWebApi 1.3.3 (minor update to pass R Check again), and DatabaseConnector 6.1.0 (adds support for DuckDB, fixes some issues related to Java heap memory, and fixes some Snowflake issues).

Katy Sadowski announced the release of DataQualityDashboard 2.1.2. This release contains a bug fix for the cdmDataType check SQL.

Adam Black announced the release of Andromeda 0.6.2. This adds one function isAndromedaTable() that should work with both SQLite and Arrow andromeda tables.

Thank you to all HADES developers for their continued work to maintain and enhance OHDSI open-source software. For more information on these or future releases, please visit this thread on the OHDSI forums.

OHDSI Social Showcase

The #OHDSISocialShowcase continues this week, as all the research from the OHDSI Symposium collaborator showcase will be presented on the Twitter and LinkedIn social feeds over the next several months. You can see the research and the respective leads that will be shared this week.

Monday: Towards Similarity Search in Phenotype Libraries (Yen Low)

Tuesday: Data Network Feasibility Tool (Frank DeFalco)

Wednesday: DPM360: New Additions to Advanced Disease Progression Modeling (Akira Koseki)

Thursday: OMOP’s evolution in the data reuse strategy of Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre (Noelia Garcia)

Friday: Identification of patients with drug resistant epilepsy in electronic medical record data using the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership Common Data Model (Matthew Spotnitz)


The 2023 OHDSI Global Symposium will be held Oct. 20-22 at the NEW location of the Hilton East Brunswick Hotel & Executive Meeting Center in East Brunswick, N.J. Registration will open TOMORROW, March 21! Check out the symposium homepage for more information and the registration link.

The 2023 European Symposium — titled “Full Steam Ahead” — will be held July 1-3 in Rotterdam. The main conference will be held Monday, July 3, while there will be tutorials on the weekend of July 1-2. More information and registration links will be posted when available.

The 2023 Asia-Pacific (APAC) Symposium will be held July 13-14 at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, and it will follow MedInfo 2023 (July 8-12 in Sydney, Australia). Submissions are now open for the APAC Symposium, and they will close March 31. More information can be found on the homepage.

The 2023 AMIA Symposium will be held Nov. 11-15 in New Orleans, La., and the annual call for participation is underway. Proposals are being accepted for papers, podium abstracts, panels, posters, debates, demos and workshops. The deadline is TOMORROW, March 21, 2023.

Andrey Soares and Asiyah Lin are co-chairs of workshops and tutorials for the 2023 International Conference on Biomedical Ontology, a hybrid event which will be hosted Aug. 28-Sept. 1 by the University of Brasilia. If you would like to submit a workshop or tutorial, the deadline is April 3.


The Center for Computational Life Sciences at Cleveland Clinic offers an opportunity for a visionary Senior Faculty to establish our biomedical research and healthcare system as a global leader in Artificial Intelligence Research (AI). This Senior Faculty position will shape and expand AI technologies and applications centered around biomedical science and healthcare, supported by strong institutional commitment to build their vision. More information is available here.

Justin Starren announced that the Successful Clinical Response In Pneumonia Therapy (SCRIPT) Systems Biology Center (SCRIPT) is hiring a postdoctoral fellow to work at the intersection of systems biology and clinical data management. The fellow will collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, biologists, geneticists, and data scientists to develop tools to improve the management of multifaceted data to support systems biology research. Candidates should have strong software development skills and an MD or PhD with research experience with Electronic Health Record data. Experience with Common Data Models, such as OMOP CDM from OHDSI, is preferred. More information is available here.

Christoph Lambert shared this new opening: The University of New Mexico, Health Sciences Center, Department of Internal Medicine, seeks a faculty member to join the Division of Translational Informatics. This position is at the Open rank and Tenure track. While the focus of the position is research-oriented, optionally, the position affords the opportunity for the candidate to have a joint clinical appointment for part-time clinical service with the University of New Mexico, and/or the Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center. Applications are requested by March 13, 2023.

Andrew Williams announced an opening for a Software Developer Analyst II at the Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). This position will be responsible for executing software development initiatives, including collaborating with various stakeholders to understand requirements and design solutions, evaluating options and developing technical designs, and developing solution using appropriate programming language and/or technical tools.

Noémie Elhadad shared that the Columbia University Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI) is seeking exceptional junior-level faculty members in the tenure track. The positions are open to researchers interested in developing and applying informatics theory and achieving tangible benefits to health care and biology. Three particular foci are (1) machine learning for healthcare and health-related data science, (2) health information technology-based interventions to improve health care and the health of individuals and populations, and (3) translational bioinformatics. DBMI serves as the coordinating center for OHDSI; more information and an application link are posted here.

The Observational Health Data Analytics (OHDA) team at Janssen Research & Development recently opened up five new internships for the coming summer, with each lasting at least 10 weeks and starting around the middle of May. There are openings for an epidemiology graduate interna graduate intern, and an undergraduate intern; check out the respective links for more information and an application link. Janssen also announced two summer internships for a Data Science RWE for R&D position, and a Data Science RWE DevCon position.


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