Collaborator Showcase

OHDSI’s mission is to improve health, by empowering a community to collaboratively generate the evidence that promotes better health decisions and better care. We envision a world in which observational research produces a comprehensive understanding of health and disease. To achieve this goal, the OHDSI team has formed a multi-stakeholder, interdisciplinary collaborative which aims to bring out the value of health data through large-scale analytics and open-source software tools. OHDSI has established a global community of observational health researchers and a research network covering over 600 million patients.

OHDSI’s achievements to date would not be possible if not for the hard work of our growing community members. Our annual collaborator showcase provides collaborators the opportunity to showcase their tremendous work.

Once again we’ll be inviting collaborators to participate in the collaborator showcase. Collaborators will have the opportunity to submit their work for poster presentations, oral presentations and software demonstrations.

1) Poster: a poster-board to present a static display summary of your latest research; poster measurements are to be a horizontal-orientation and 48″long x 36″high is the maximum size. Please create a paper-type poster as the poster boards at the symposium will be cork; please do not use foam core.

This year during the OHDSI Symposium, we will also be conducting a natural experiment to evaluate alternative methods for evidence dissemination. Inspired by Mike Morrison’s video on #betterposter (, we have created 2 different poster templates and ask that you consider using either one as you are preparing your poster. During the Symposium, we will solicit the feedback from the community on what approaches they found most effective to communicate their research and development.

The traditional poster template is available here

The Mike Morrison poster template is available here

The FedEx store near the hotel can assist you with your poster printing. Contact: FedEx Print and Ship, 12125 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852; phone: (301) 881-6810; E-mail:

 2) Oral Presentation: a 7-minute podium presentation to verbally share your story with the community. In addition, if you are selected to give an oral talk, you will also be responsible for creating a poster to submit for the 2pm showcase so the community can ask you questions about your work. If selected, a member of the organizing committee will contact you after August 19 with further instructions.

3) Software Demonstration: an interactive display of open-source analytics; a table and monitor will be provided.

Topics of interest include:
– Observational data standards and management
– Methodological research
– Open-source analytics development
– Clinical research from OHDSI’s analytic use cases:
– Clinical characterization
– Population-level estimation
– Patient-level prediction

 All submissions are due no later than 8pm (EST) on Monday, June 24, 2019

All submissions will be peer-reviewed by the OHDSI Symposium Organizing Committee between June 24 and July 29.

If you have been selected to present your work for the 2019 Showcase, you will be notified via email by Monday, August 5, 2019.  Those collaborators will then showcase their work at the OHDSI Symposium on Monday, Sept. 16, 2019.


The OHDSI Community is pleased to announce the 2019 OHDSI Collaborators Showcase Mentoring Program. This is a new program designed to provide extra help to collaborators who are preparing to submit content for the Collaborators Showcase.

What is the Mentoring Program?
This program is designed to provide 1-on-1 support for those who think they need a little extra assistance getting ready for submission. This is a unique opportunity to have personalized feedback prior to formally submitting your abstract or software demo. Participation in this program is entirely voluntary. Mentorship status will be blinded at submission time. You will be reviewed only on the content submitted. During abstract or software demo review, your mentor will be ineligible for reviewing your submission.  Please note that your submission is not guaranteed for acceptance into the showcase. 

What do I get when I request a mentor?
As a Mentee, you will be paired to a seasoned OHDSI Veteran (aka your Mentor) who will provide you up to 2 coaching sessions (~1 hr max) to assist you with preparing your Collaborators Showcase submission. Once assigned to a Mentor, the process is largely Mentee-driven. As a Mentee, you will be responsible for setting the cadence of your two coaching sessions and ensuring you have the materials necessary to make the time as productive as possible.

What will the coaching sessions include? The sessions will consist of activities such as: identifying what you want to submit, which form is most appropriate to submit your content and discussing tips for success to help ensure your submission has its best foot forward.

What is the time-frame for this program? The OHDSI Symposium Planning Committee will review applications on a rolling basis and assign a Mentor to help you through the submission process. The deadline to request a mentor is June 7, 2019. You will receive email notification within 2-3 business days of your request for mentorship and at that time you will be given the contact information of your mentor. It will be up to you to reach out to your mentor.

If you request a mentor between April 29-May 25, mentors may review an interim draft of your content, if requested. A maximum of 2 drafts may be shared for review.

If you request a mentor between May 25-June 7, only 1 draft will be reviewed. If you do not wish to share a full draft, your Mentor will instead focus on strategizing with you on the best approach to submitting your content.

All completed submissions for the showcase are due by Monday, June 24. Please see the Collaborator Showcase Submissions Page when you are ready to submit your work for the 2019 Symposium Showcase.

Who Should Apply?
1) You’re new to OHDSI and are unsure where to start but really want to showcase your work at the  Symposium
2) You’ve been around a while but you still find the Collaborator Showcase process a bit confusing to navigate
3) You’re not used to writing abstracts and need some advice on what “good” looks like
4) You like to get feedback and want the opportunity to iterate before you submit your final content


Important Dates

Request a Mentor Deadline: June 7, 2019

Showcase Submissions Due: June 24, 2019

Successful Showcase Presenters Notified: August 5, 2019

Creative Submissions Due: August 12, 2019

Successful Creative Submissions Notified: August 30, 2019

Collaborator Showcase: September 16, 2019

For Submission instructions, please see the Collaborator Showcase Submissions Page Collaborator Showcase Submissions Page