Collaborator Showcase Submissions


Thank you for your interest and participation in the 2019 Collaborator Showcase. Please visit the Collaborator Showcase page for important information regarding the showcase Collaborator Showcase Page

Submission Formats

Poster or Oral Talks: if you would like to submit your work to be displayed as a poster or you would like to give an oral talk, you may upload your submission in PDF format.

Only one submission is needed for each research topic. Before uploading your work, you will be asked to indicate your preferred presentation format; you may select both (poster and oral talks).

Software Demonstrations: if you would like to submit your work to be displayed as a Software Demo, you may upload a one-page paper in PDF format or a presentation.

Please note that you may submit your work to be considered for all three: a poster, oral talk and software demonstration.

Submission Guidelines

Poster/Oral Talks: a submission template can be found here Submission Template. (the document can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document by clicking on the link and selecting File->Download As…-> Microsoft Word (.docx).)

Each presenting author should upload their document as a PDF. Your submission should meet the following guidelines:

● Maximum 2 pages
● Maximum 10 MB
● Clearly state the names, affiliations, and emails of all co-authors and list
co-authors in the order that will appear on the poster or presentation
● Have the following components: Title, Background, Methods, Results,
Discussion/Conclusions. References are recommended.
● Unpublished in the peer-review literature at the time of abstract submission
● [Optional] Figures, tables, and equations can be added to the abstract to support
description of the methods or results

Your submission document should be saved as a PDF using the following naming convention, where the “firstname” and “lastname” correspond to the name of the  presenting author , and “title” should include keywords that summarize the title of your work:   firstname-lastname_title_2019symposium 

Software Demonstration: a one-page paper or presentation which can include reference architecture diagrams, a PowerPoint slide about the use case and impact of your solution or any other overview fact sheet that can assist the reviewers in understanding your solution.

Submission Instructions

In order to access the submission forms below, you need to have a Google Account. If you need to set up a Google Account, please click here: Create a Google Account

Poster or Oral Talk: if you would like your work to be presented as a poster or you would like to give an oral talk, please click the below button and follow the instructions to submit your work


Software Demonstration: if you would like your work to be presented as a software demo, please click the below button and follow the instructions to submit your work


Please note: you may submit your work to be displayed as all three: a poster, oral talk or software demonstration. For example, you may submit your work for a poster on the reference architecture on a software solution and may simultaneously submit through the software demonstration form. Therefore, you can click on both submission methods above.

 While the organizing committee reviewers strive to allow submissions in your requested format, your preferred format for presentation is not guaranteed. You will be notified via email by August 5 if your work has been selected and the display format will be confirmed at that time. 

Thank you for your submissions! We look forward to a very successful 2019 Collaborator Showcase!