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Overall Structure of vocabulary meets criteria described here: Original AMT is presented as part of Australian SNOMED that contains only drugs with the following classes:

AU Qualifier AU Qualifier
AU Substance AU Substance
Trade product Trade Product
containered trade product pack Contain Trade Pack
trade product unit of use Trade Product Unit
trade product pack Trade Product Pack
medicinal product Medicinal Product
medicinal product pack Med Product Pack
medicinal product unit of use Med Product Unit

AU Qualifier represents Dose Form (137011000036104 ointment) or Unit (700000751000036105 microgram/mL), AU Substance - Ingredient (2319011000036106 metformin hydrochloride).

Trade Product refers to Brand Name (For example, 61131000168107 Avandamet 4/1000). According to OMOP CDM rules we use as Brand Names only those Trade products that don't replicate names of ingredients (for example, 106561000036102 Acetylcysteine).

Medicinal Product represents ingredient(s) of a drug and duplicate the corresponding AU Substance (For example, 21614011000036102 metformin or 160681000036109 saxagliptin + metformin). Therefore, medicinal products haven’t made it into the AMT vocabulary.

Medicinal product unit of use represents Clinical Drug or Quantified Clinical Drug (For example, 23360011000036106 metformin hydrochloride 1 g tablet).

Medicinal product pack corresponds to Clinical Drug Box (For example, 16921000036107 metformin hydrochloride 1 g tablet, 100).

Trade product pack is Branded Drug Box, for instance, 11491011000036102 Avandamet 2/1000 (metformin hydrochloride 1 g + rosiglitazone 2 mg) tablet: film-coated, 56 tablets Trade product unit of use is Branded Drug or Quantified Branded Drug (4657011000036107 Avandamet 4/1000 tablet: film-coated).

Containered trade product pack refers to Branded Drug Box, for instance, 18061011000036103 Avandamet 4/1000 (metformin hydrochloride 1 g + rosiglitazone 4 mg) tablet: film-coated, 56 tablets, blister pack AMT doesn't provide Supplier as a separate concept, so we parsed drug descriptions in order to get suppliers, for example, Pfizer or Ipc (stands for Independent Pharmacy Cooperative).

Drug strength

AMT contains drug strength only for medicinal product unit of use, so the relationship between classes were followed in order to obtain the dosages for other drug classes. There are some features:

• AMT has oral solutions presented in 5 ml volume. As this volume is a volume of a teaspoon, we classifiend this drugs not as quantified but as regular drugs with denominator_value =1.

• Concentration given is useless 87010011000036105 bicarbonate + sodium chloride nasal drops, 60 x 2.16 g sachets

• No dosage given 86615011000036106 Aqueous Cream (Orion) (emulsifying wax + liquid paraffin + water purified + white soft paraffin) cream


In AMT some original codes represent packs, OMOP-codes for their content were generated. For example, 736221000168103 Afeme Duo (Clotrimazole 10 Mg / 1 G) Cream [10 G] (&) (Fluconazole 150 Mg) Hard Capsule [1 Capsule], 1 Pack

Concepts that are non-drugs

AMT vocabulary contains devices such as bandages, syringes, food supplements, etc. Please see for Domain rules definition. Non-drugs don't have RxNorm or RxNorm Extension equivalents and relationships, they are presented in OMOP vocabulary as standard concepts. For example, 48846011000036103 Accu-Chek Go diagnostic strip/

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