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Overall Structure of vocabulary is meets criteria described here:

All the drug concepts have only relationship_id = 'Maps to' relates to RxNorm Extended or RxNorm concepts.

RxNorm and RxNorm extended concepts have all usual relationships (between Ingredient and Drug, Brand Name and Branded Drug and other) and drug_strenght information.

We use active substance as Ingredient
1. CIS_COMPO_bdpm table (containing drug and Ingredient dosages) contains both precise ingredient dosage (acting ingredient and base or salt it exists wiht) and dosage of active ingredient if such ambigousness is possible. We put in OMOP tables only active substance dosage.

2.Brand Names Take from Drug_descr everything written by capital letter and use it as Brand Name

There are drug form and route of administration defined in source tables. So we used a combination of drug form and route of administration as Dose Form, translated that to English and fixed some inaccuracies occur in the source table

4.Unique drug identifier/drug_code
DIN_7 used in CIS_CIP_bdpm table (packaging info) is used as unique drug identifier/drug_code; But some Homeopathic drugs don't have packaging info and don't have din_7 code that is unique identifier, so we don't put it into our tables, and “VACCIN RABIQUE INACTIVE MERIEUX”, drug_code = '60253264' also doesn't have packaging info but anyway we put it to all our tabkes using drug_code as concept_code

5. concept_synonym table
concept_synonym table contains original names and English translations,
concept table contains only English translations of concepts

6. packaging / ingredient combination as a way of ds_stage creation

/ concept table with translations …

61546829 solution 2487 TARTRATE DE NORADRÉNALINE 2 mg 1 ml de solution à diluer pour perfusion SA 1 61546829 solution 9745 NORADRÉNALINE 1 mg 1 ml de solution à diluer pour perfusion FT 1

keep only those ingredients that are standard, so in drug_strength we'll have only standard ingredient and it's dosage

61546829 solution 9745 NORADRÉNALINE 1 mg 1 ml de solution à diluer pour perfusion FT 1

defined by the rules defined here,
for example OLICLINOMEL N7-1000 E, émulsion pour perfusion is a parenteral nuntition that is non-drug

8. Brand Names We create mappings for Brands, mostly we find direct equivalents like BREVIBLOC maps to 19021087 Brevibloc BREVOXYL maps to 19056868 Brevoxyl BRICANYL maps to 19021117 Bricanyl BRIDION maps to 35604510 Bridion
also make relationships if there is a little difference SERC maps to 19052958 Serc-8 DALACINE maps to 19054051 Dalacin T ESTRADERM TTS maps to 19100516 Estraderm TTS 25 ORALAIR maps to 45776959 Oralair 100 STRIVERDI RESPIMAT maps to 45775118 Striverdi NERISONE C maps to 19053642 Nerisone
9. Homeopathic Drugs having din_7 don't have relationships and drug_strength, they exists only in drug_concept_stage.
10. Dosage recalculation rules: -take maximal dosage if interval

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