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CIEL is an open-source standardized terminology intended for use within health information systems, particularly OpenMRS. OpenMRS and CIEL are used by more than 50 LMICs across the globe, but particularly in Africa, Asia, and S. America. The common, multi-lingual concept dictionary allows for clinically-friendly data collection and then maps to standard reference terminologies such as SNOMED CT, ICD-10, LOINC, and RxNORM. CIEL updates the dictionary on a monthly basis and has been adding COVID-19-specific content since January 2020. The CIEL content supports the collection and reporting for the WHO eCRF, CDC PUI, and other public health and research use cases [1].


All source files can be obtained from the OHDSI GitHub.

Standard Concepts

All CIEL concepts, being mapped to Standard ones, are Non-standard.

Domains and Concept Classes

domain_id concept_class_id count
Condition Diagnosis 37061
Condition Finding 1026
Condition Symptom 15
Condition Symptom/Finding 37
Device Medical supply 12
Drug Drug 7554
Drug Drug Class 14
Drug Drug form 88
Drug MedSet 17
Measurement Aggregate Meas 4
Measurement LabSet 64
Measurement Test 327
Observation ConvSet 136
Observation Frequency 33
Observation Misc 986
Observation Misc Order 34
Observation Organism 2
Observation Program 4
Observation Question 740
Observation State 7
Observation Workflow 3
Procedure Procedure 514
Procedure Radiology 130
Spec Anatomic Site Anatomy 123
Specimen Specimen 17
Unit Units of Measure 49


relationship_id count
Maps to 46391


vocabulary_id vocabulary_id count
CIEL RxNorm 6564
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