Amruta Agarwal

Eun Kyoung Ahn

Amruta Agarwal
Business Technology Associate Consultant
ZS Associates

I have been working on OMOP and Claims data for a year and a half and played a crucial role in inventing the Intermediate Layer model with ZS Associates. I have converted some of the most complex data sources like JMDC, OPTUM and OSCER to OMOP. In my journey of working with Claims and OMOP, I have learnt the best practices to ensure a smooth conversion process I have learnt a lot of things through my experience of working on these datasets.

Currently, I am exploring an elastic infrastructure in the cloud for converting the datasets which can economically convert the biggest and most complex data sources to OMOP model. I also have knowledge about Generalized Data model which is less popular but effortlessly generates medical evidence for a lot of problems.


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