Benjamin Hamlin

Ben Hamlin

Benjamin N. Hamlin, MPH
Senior Research Informaticist
Department of Performance Measurement at NCQA

Benjamin N. Hamlin, MPH is the Senior Research Informaticist in the Department of Performance Measurement at NCQA specializing in clinical quality, healthcare efficiency and the use of predictive analytics for quality improvement. He is a nationally recognized leader in transformative quality strategies and the principal architect of the HEDIS electronic clinical data system (ECDS) quality measure reporting protocol ( A specialist in Clinical Quality Language (CQL) and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) standards, he currently leads the initiative to digitalize NCQA’s entire HEDIS measurement portfolio.

Throughout his career, Mr. Hamlin has conducted a wide array of health-related research including strategies for comprehensive chronic disease management, facilitating community-based clinical translational research, identifying health disparities, and designing strategies for the development of healthcare infrastructure in underserved and/or underdeveloped areas.
His principal research interest is patient-level risk models for patient management using multidimensional predictive tools and how these might complete reconfigure quality improvement. His specific area of interest comprises how distributed cognition impacts human-information technology interfaces with quality information and its impact on patient-centered care.