Blanca Gallego Luxan


Blanca Gallego Luxan
Associate Professor
University of New South Wales

Blanca Gallego Luxan leads a multidisciplinary team working on the analysis of medical data and the development and application of Artificial Intelligence methods to improve healthcare. Trained as a physicist, she obtained her PhD in climate modelling from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Blanca joined the UNSW Centre for Big Data Research in Health (CBDRH) in November 2018 as head of the Clinical Machine Learning Research Unit, and she is director and lecturer of the new Clinical AI honors program at UNSW Medicine & Health.

She has over 20 years work experience across USA, Europe and Australia, with extensive expertise on mathematical modelling and computational statistics, as well as on the analysis of large datasets of routinely collected medical record data to help clinicians and policymakers identify safer, more effective patient treatment pathways. Blanca currently works with various local health area districts in NSW to support the extraction and standardisation of Electronic Medical Record data. She is also a member of the NSW Health data and analytics working group.