Daniel Feller

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Daniel Feller
PhD Student in Biomedical Informatics
Columbia University

My primary research interests are situated at the intersection of Biomedical Informatics, Machine Learning, and Human-Computer Interaction. The overarching goal of my research is to develop data-driven solutions that will serve as an innovative approach to ambulatory care management. My current research is exploring the development of novel software systems that can improve health outcomes like engagement in HIV care or adherence to medication. This goal is multilayered and includes a) the extraction of social and behavioral determinants of health from clinical notes using NLP, b) the training and validation of predictive models that can help healthcare providers target resources to high-risk individuals and c) the development of intuitive visual interfaces to help clinicians analyze large volumes of information required to manage a large panel of HIV+ individuals. Though my expertise is in the realm of computational techniques and information science, I am also conducting qualitative studies as a precursor to the development of novel software systems in order to better understand how ambulatory care is delivered to high-need, high-cost patients.

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