Denys Kaduk


Denys Kaduk, MD
Technical Lead, SciForce Medical Team
SciForce Ukraine

Dr. Denys Kaduk serves as the Technical Lead for SciForce’s Medical Team in Ukraine. He is also contributing as a pediatric neurologist and educator. A former Data Scientist with the OHDSI Vocabulary team for five years, Dr. Kaduk’s has contributed extensively to observational studies, standardized vocabularies and ETLs. Dr. Kaduk’s multifaceted involvement across various projects, including Da_France, BDPM, RxNorm/RxNorm Extension, OMOP Genomic, CIViC, ClinVar, JAX, NCIt, CGI, OncoKb, HGNC, demonstrates his unwavering commitment to excellence and collaboration within the fields of medicine and technology. Now he is an external OHDSI contributor and works on the expansion of OHDSI tools (Jackalope) and dashboards. His leadership and expertise are reflective of the collaborative spirit of OHDSI. He is currently involved in several OHDSI workgroups including CDM, Vaccine and Oncology Working groups.