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Erica Voss

Erica A. Voss, MPH
Senior Director, Observational Health Data Analytics, Global Epidemiology Organization
Janssen Research and Development

Erica Voss is currently a Senior Director in the Epidemiology Analytics group within Epidemiology at Janssen Research & Development, a Johnson & Johnson company. Starting in the IT department, she focused on data warehousing and working with large datasets. In 2007, she started working with observational datasets and later joined the Epidemiology department in 2011. Her projects typically include studying patient populations across different therapeutic areas as well as implementing OHDSI tools, such as converting the IBM MarketScan and Optum Extended claims datasets into the OMOP Common Data Model. Erica received her Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University, and she received her Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Medical Informatics at Erasmus MC. She is also a certified Project Management Professional.

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